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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
CMakeLists.txt 1.0 kB 8211 9 years robert: Reverted the changes for ill fated tweaks for Apple build
GeometryTechnique.cpp 29.6 kB 9980 9 years robert: Added disabling of mipmapping for non power of two textures
Layer.cpp 17.5 kB 10231 8 years robert: From Ross Anderson, "Symptom: The computation of TerrainTiles? containing …
Locator.cpp 4.5 kB 9437 9 years robert: Introduced osgVolume::Layer and Locator classes mirrroring similar classes …
Terrain.cpp 3.3 kB 9358 9 years robert: Added support for a Terrain::s/getTerrainTechniquePrototype()
TerrainTechnique.cpp 2.5 kB 8367 9 years robert: Reorginized the TerrainTile/TerrainTechnique? dirty mechanism so that …
TerrainTile.cpp 13.2 kB 9663 9 years robert: Added exports to TileID classes, and moved their constructors to .cpp's.
Version.cpp 0.8 kB 6514 10 years robert: Unified the setup of version numbers so that they all are based on the …
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