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1f 0755 root sys usr/bin/sgv bin/sgv osg.sw.base
2d 0755 root sys usr/include/osg include/osg osg.sw.base
3f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/AlphaFunc include/osg/AlphaFunc osg.sw.base
4f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Billboard include/osg/Billboard osg.sw.base
5f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/BoundingBox include/osg/BoundingBox osg.sw.base
6f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/BoundingSphere include/osg/BoundingSphere osg.sw.base
7f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Camera include/osg/Camera osg.sw.base
8f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/CullFace include/osg/CullFace osg.sw.base
9f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/DCS include/osg/DCS osg.sw.base
10f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/DynamicLibrary include/osg/DynamicLibrary osg.sw.base
11f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Export include/osg/Export osg.sw.base
12f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/ExtensionSupported include/osg/ExtensionSupported osg.sw.base
13f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Field include/osg/Field osg.sw.base
14f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/FieldReader include/osg/FieldReader osg.sw.base
15f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/FieldReaderIterator include/osg/FieldReaderIterator osg.sw.base
16f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/FileNameUtils include/osg/FileNameUtils osg.sw.base
17f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Fog include/osg/Fog osg.sw.base
18f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/GL include/osg/GL osg.sw.base
19f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/GeoSet include/osg/GeoSet osg.sw.base
20f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/GeoState include/osg/GeoState osg.sw.base
21f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Geode include/osg/Geode osg.sw.base
22f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Group include/osg/Group osg.sw.base
23f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Image include/osg/Image osg.sw.base
24f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Input include/osg/Input osg.sw.base
25f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/LOD include/osg/LOD osg.sw.base
26f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Light include/osg/Light osg.sw.base
27f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/LightSource include/osg/LightSource osg.sw.base
28f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Lighting include/osg/Lighting osg.sw.base
29f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Material include/osg/Material osg.sw.base
30f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Matrix include/osg/Matrix osg.sw.base
31f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Node include/osg/Node osg.sw.base
32f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/NodeVisitor include/osg/NodeVisitor osg.sw.base
33f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Notify include/osg/Notify osg.sw.base
34f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/OSG include/osg/OSG osg.sw.base
35f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Object include/osg/Object osg.sw.base
36f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Output include/osg/Output osg.sw.base
37f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Point include/osg/Point osg.sw.base
38f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/PolygonOffset include/osg/PolygonOffset osg.sw.base
39f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Quat include/osg/Quat osg.sw.base
40f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Referenced include/osg/Referenced osg.sw.base
41f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Registry include/osg/Registry osg.sw.base
42f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Scene include/osg/Scene osg.sw.base
43f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Seg include/osg/Seg osg.sw.base
44f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Sequence include/osg/Sequence osg.sw.base
45f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/State include/osg/State osg.sw.base
46f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Switch include/osg/Switch osg.sw.base
47f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/TexEnv include/osg/TexEnv osg.sw.base
48f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/TexGen include/osg/TexGen osg.sw.base
49f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/TexMat include/osg/TexMat osg.sw.base
50f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Texture include/osg/Texture osg.sw.base
51f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Timer include/osg/Timer osg.sw.base
52f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Transparency include/osg/Transparency osg.sw.base
53f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Types include/osg/Types osg.sw.base
54f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Vec2 include/osg/Vec2 osg.sw.base
55f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Vec3 include/osg/Vec3 osg.sw.base
56f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Vec4 include/osg/Vec4 osg.sw.base
57f 0666 root sys usr/include/osg/Version include/osg/Version osg.sw.base
58d 0750 root sys usr/include/osgUtil include/osgUtil osg.sw.base
59f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/CameraManipulator include/osgUtil/CameraManipulator osg.sw.base
60f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/DisplayListVisitor include/osgUtil/DisplayListVisitor osg.sw.base
61f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/DriveManipulator include/osgUtil/DriveManipulator osg.sw.base
62f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/Export include/osgUtil/Export osg.sw.base
63f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/FlightManipulator include/osgUtil/FlightManipulator osg.sw.base
64f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/GUIActionAdapter include/osgUtil/GUIActionAdapter osg.sw.base
65f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/GUIEventAdapter include/osgUtil/GUIEventAdapter osg.sw.base
66f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/IntersectVisitor include/osgUtil/IntersectVisitor osg.sw.base
67f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/RenderVisitor include/osgUtil/RenderVisitor osg.sw.base
68f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/SceneView include/osgUtil/SceneView osg.sw.base
69f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/TrackballManipulator include/osgUtil/TrackballManipulator osg.sw.base
70f 0666 root sys usr/include/osgUtil/Version include/osgUtil/Version osg.sw.base
71f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/ lib/ osg.sw.base
72f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/ lib/ osg.sw.base
73d 0755 root sys usr/lib32/osgPlugins lib/osgPlugins osg.sw.base
74f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/osgPlugins/ lib/osgPlugins/ osg.sw.base
75f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/osgPlugins/ lib/osgPlugins/ osg.sw.base
76f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/osgPlugins/ lib/osgPlugins/ osg.sw.base
77f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/osgPlugins/ lib/osgPlugins/ osg.sw.base
78f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/osgPlugins/ lib/osgPlugins/ osg.sw.base
79f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/osgPlugins/ lib/osgPlugins/ osg.sw.base
80f 0755 root sys usr/lib32/osgPlugins/ lib/osgPlugins/ osg.sw.base
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