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31<h2> <a name="Scene graph dependencies"></a><u>Scene graph dependencies</u></h2>
32The OpenSceneGraph is composed of core scene graph libraries, plugins
33libraries and demo programs. The core scene graph libraries (osg,
34osgDB, osgUtil,
35osgText, osgParticle, osgSim) are only dependent upon OpenGL and
37C++ so should compile straight out of the box on most systems. To run
39examples one will also need to compile osgProducer which adds the
41of Producer, and if true type text is required then the freetype
43will be required. The plugins which are used to read and write various
45formats have their own sets of dependencies listed below, some have no
47at all. A plugin is only needed if you need to load that specific file
49so it is not critical if you don't have all the required dependencies. <br>
51Under UNIX you can take advantage of flexibility in the build system
52that allows you to manually define the external dependencies that are
53installed on your system.&nbsp; To override the default dependencies
54copy the Make/dependencies file to a directory of choosing, and then
55point to this file by setting the OSG_DEPENDENCIES environmental
56variable to point to this file.&nbsp; Then edit this file to reflect
57which dependencies are present. i.e<br>
59&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; cd /home/osguser/OpenSceneGraph<br>
60&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; cp Make/dependencies my_custom_osg_dependencies<br>
61&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; export
63&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; myfavorite-editor my_custom_osg_dependencies<br>
65When editing the file, simple change the no to yes, and visa-versa
66where apporpriate.<br>
69<h3> <a name="Windows dependency arhives"></a><u>Windows dependency
71To make life easier for Windows users, we have put together a .zip
72archives with all the required dependencies which can be download and
73installed somewhere in you system. You'll need to set VisualStudio to
74pick up on the include and
75libs, and the PATH set to pick up in the dll's. Alternatively, a more
77but simpler solution is to unpack this archive inside you
78OpenSceneGraph distribution,
79so that all the include files drop into OpenSceneGraph/include, and the
80libs drop into OpenSceneGraph/lib, and all the dll's drop into
81OpenSceneGraph/bin, this way VisualStudio will pick up the files
82simpler through the paths set up inside the workspace and project
83files. The archives can be downloaded here: . .
85  <li> freetype, libpng, libungif, libtiff, libjpeg &amp; zlib
87libs and dll.</li>
88  <ul>
89    <i><a
90 href=""><br>
91    <br>
92    </a></i>
93  </ul>
94  <hr>
95  <h3> <a name="Core library dependencies"></a><u>Core library
97  <br>
98  <ul>
99    <li>src/osgDB + src/osgPlugin/txp + src/osgProducer all depend upon
100OpenThreads library :</li>
101    <br>
102    <ul>
103      <i><a href="">http:://</a></i>
104    </ul>
105    <br>
106    <li>src/osgProducer - The osgProducer library depends upon, you
107guessed it, Producer...</li>
108    <br>
109    <ul>
110      <i><a href=""></a></i>
111    </ul>
112    <br>
113    <li>src/osgTerrain - The optional osgTerrain library depends upon
114GDAL to load large scale imagery and DEM's.</li>
115    <br>
116    <ul>
117      <i><a href=""></a></i>
118    </ul>
119  </ul>
122  <hr>
123  <h3> <a name="Plug-in dependencies"></a><u>Plug-in dependencies</u></h3>
124Follows is the list of dependencies which some of the osgPlugins
125require, note the core osg and viewer do not need the following
126dependencies, you
127only need the following if you require each specific plugin. Note, the
1293ds, pic, tga, do not have any dependencies other than Standard C++ so
131compile straight of the bag. Under Linux the majority of the
133below come as standard with distributions so you may not need to
135them at all. Its best to try out a straight compile of the osg, if you
137missing includes/libs errors then chase up the below. <br>
138  <ul>
139    <br>
140    <li> src/osgPlugins/freetype</li>
141    <br>
142The osgText library supports true
143type fonts via the freetype library.
144    <ul>
145      <i><a href=""></a></i>
146    </ul>
147    <br>
148    <li> src/osgTerrain &amp; src/osgPlugins/gdal</li>
149    <br>
150The GDAL plugin uses GDAL to load large scale imagery and DEM's.
151    <ul>
152      <i><a href=""></a></i>
153    </ul>
154    <br>
155    <li> src/osgPlugins/pfb</li>
156    <br>
157There is a Performer plugin in this distribution for converting from
158Performer to OSG and from OSG to Performer. This plugin requires
159Performer to be installed and therefore is not compiled by default. If
160you have Performer (available under Linux and IRIX) then edit
161src/osgPlugins/Make to compile under the plugin.
162Performer can be downloaded from :
163    <ul>
164      <i><a href=""></a></i>
165    </ul>
166    <br>
167    <li> src/osgPlugins/png</li>
168    <br>
169The png plugin depends upon the libpng and zlib (for compression)
170libraries, if you don't already have it installed, you'll need to
171download, compile
172and install it. Project home pages are:
173    <ul>
174      <i><a href=""></a></i>
175      <br>
176      <i><a href=""></a></i>
177    </ul>
178    <br>
179    <li> src/osgPlugins/gif</li>
180    <br>
181The gif plugin depends upon the libungif library, if you don't already
182have it installed, you'll need to download, compile and install it.
183Project home page is:
184    <ul>
185      <i><a href=""></a></i>
186    </ul>
187Ftp download at :
188    <ul>
189      <i><a href=""></a></i>
190    </ul>
191    <br>
192    <li> src/osgPlugins/jpeg</li>
193    <br>
194The jpeg plugin depends upon the libjpeg library, if you don't already
195have it installed, you'll need to download, compile and install it.
196Project home page is:
197    <ul>
198      <i><a href=""></a></i>
199    </ul>
200    <br>
201    <li> src/osgPlugins/tiff</li>
202    <br>
203The tiff plugin depends upon the libtiff library, if you don't already
204have it installed, you'll need to download, compile and install it.
205Project home page is:
206    <ul>
207      <i><a href=""></a></i>
208    </ul>
209    <br>
210    <li> src/osgPlugins/zip</li>
211    <br>
212The zip compressed archive plugin depends upon the unzip executable
213being available on your system. If it is not then you'll be able to
214find binaries at:
215    <ul>
216      <i><a href=""></a></i>
217    </ul>
218    <br>
219    <li> src/osgPlugins/tgz</li>
220    <br>
221The tgz compressed archive plugin depends upon the unzip executable
222being available on your system. If it is not then you'll be able to
223find binaries at:
224    <ul>
225      <i><a href=""></a></i> <br>
226      <a href=""></a>
227    </ul>
228    <br>
229    <li> src/osgPlugins/osgtgz</li>
230    <br>
231Has the same dependencies as the tgz plugin above.
232  </ul>
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