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Introduced new scheme for setting up which version of OpenGL/OpenGL ES the OSG is compiled for.

To select standard OpenGL 1/2 build with full backwards and forwards comtability use:



./configure -DOPENGL_PROFILE=GL2

To select OpenGL 3 core profile build using GL3/gl3.h header:

./configure -DOPENGL_PROFILE=GL3

To select OpenGL Arb core profile build using GL/glcorearb.h header:


To select OpenGL ES 1.1 profile use:


To select OpenGL ES 2 profile use:


Using OPENGL_PROFILE will select all the appropriate features required so no other settings in cmake will need to be adjusted.
The new configuration options are stored in the include/osg/OpenGL header that deprecates the old include/osg/GL header.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
2    osgoit.cpp
3    DepthPeeling.h
4    DepthPeeling.cpp
5    HeatMap.h
6    HeatMap.cpp)
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