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From Mattias Helsing, "this is a semi-submission based on what you and others have been
talking about in the LIB_POSTFIX thread. It is a bit verbose perhaps
and the message I emit during the make install step flashes by and
gets burried under all "installing..." and/or "up-to-date..."
messages. I have posted on the cmake mail list on ways to do this

The submission adds:
* message to user during configuration that s/he's eventually going o
* if system has /etc/ and it is a dir generates
packaging/ and creates a custom target
for installing it (target must be run explicitly of course). User is
notified of this during configuration (may not be necessary)
* emit a message during installation that libraries are put in
<same-as-above>. This message unfortunately gets emitted to soon for
the user to see it

* I added "COMPONENT libopenscenegraph-dev" to the pkgconfig.pc's
install command
* Moved the section with OSG_CONFIG_HAS_BEEN_RUN_BEFORE as close to
the end of CMakeLists.txt as I dared. This is the intent of this
construct I think."

1# openscenegraph library configuration
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