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From Sukender,
"Here is our freshly baked 3DS reader/writer (named 'v0.5' to differentiate from previous one). Changes are against trunk rev. 10819.
Short changelog (from rev 10819):
- Added 3DS writer
- Sync'd with latest lib3DS
- Added options, especially "flattenMatrixTransforms" to get the "old" behaviour (else the reader correctly maps to OSG the transforms from the 3DS file).

What should be done:
- Check with pivot points, with and without "flattenMatrixTransforms" option.
- We ran tests on it, but we can never be 100% sure there is no bug. Testing from the community would of course be helpful."

[10853]1Author of lib3ds is Jan Eric Kyprianidis <>
3The following people have contributed additional changes to lib3ds:
5Reed Hedges
6David Rogers
7Edward Falk
8Gernot Zeigler
9Haik Lorenz
10Jean-Charles Quillet
11Mike Frysinger
12Miles Bader
13Tomas Rapkauskas
14Torsten Blank
15Ralf Corsepius
16Stephane Denis
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