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Revision 10076, 2.6 kB (checked in by robert, 8 years ago)

From Neil Hughes, converted across to use istream for reading data from file to enable reading .3ds files over http (use OSG's libcurl plugin).

From Robert Osfield, ammendments of the above to better support reading of files from local directories.

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[8]1/* -*- c -*- */
5 * The 3D Studio File Format Library
6 * Copyright (C) 1996-2001 by J.E. Hoffmann <>
7 * All rights reserved.
8 *
9 * This program is  free  software;  you can redistribute it and/or modify it
10 * under the terms of the  GNU Lesser General Public License  as published by
11 * the  Free Software Foundation;  either version 2.1 of the License,  or (at
12 * your option) any later version.
13 *
14 * This  program  is  distributed in  the  hope that it will  be useful,  but
15 * WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
16 * or  FITNESS FOR A  PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the  GNU Lesser General Public 
17 * License for more details.
18 *
19 * You should  have received  a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
20 * along with  this program;  if not, write to the  Free Software Foundation,
21 * Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
22 *
23 * $Id$
24 */
[1563]27#include "types.h"
[10076]30#include <iostream>
31using namespace std;
[8]33#ifdef __cplusplus
34extern "C" {
[5453]37extern LIB3DSAPI void setByteOrder();
[10076]38extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsByte lib3ds_byte_read(iostream *strm);
39extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsWord lib3ds_word_read(iostream *strm);
40extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsDword lib3ds_dword_read(iostream *strm);
41extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsIntb lib3ds_intb_read(iostream *strm);
42extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsIntw lib3ds_intw_read(iostream *strm);
43extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsIntd lib3ds_intd_read(iostream *strm);
44extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsFloat lib3ds_float_read(iostream *strm);
45extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_vector_read(Lib3dsVector v, iostream *strm);
46extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_rgb_read(Lib3dsRgb rgb, iostream *strm);
47extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_string_read(char *s, int buflen, iostream *strm);
48extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_byte_write(Lib3dsByte b, iostream *strm);
49extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_word_write(Lib3dsWord w, iostream *strm);
50extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_dword_write(Lib3dsDword d, iostream *strm);
51extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_intb_write(Lib3dsIntb b, iostream *strm);
52extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_intw_write(Lib3dsIntw w, iostream *strm);
53extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_intd_write(Lib3dsIntd d, iostream *strm);
54extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_float_write(Lib3dsFloat l, iostream *strm);
55extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_vector_write(Lib3dsVector v, iostream *strm);
56extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_rgb_write(Lib3dsRgb rgb, iostream *strm);
57extern LIB3DSAPI Lib3dsBool lib3ds_string_write(const char *s, iostream *strm);
[8]59#ifdef __cplusplus
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