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From Mattias Helsing, "I have developed the earlier cpack example a bit. Perhaps you could
consider these initial cpack support scripts. It is hidden behind a
BUILD_PACKAGES option so won't affect the normal user. The submission
1) set the COMPONENT attribute on all cmake install commands.
COMPONENT names are according to

2) provide cmake script and a template for creating CPack
configuration files. It will generate target for creating packages
with everything that gets "installed" (make package on unx, project
PACKAGE in MSVC) plus targets for generating one package per COMPONENT
(i.e. libopenscenegraph-core etc.).

I have temporariliy uploaded some examples to

If this submission makes it into svn we can develop it to generate
rpms, installers for windows and mac (I know at least J-S don't like
these but there may be others who do ;) and even DEBs (not sure if we
can make them "ubuntu-ready" but they eventually may - at least we
could put a deb on the website)"

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
[7348]4    ConvertToInventor.cpp
[6381]5    ConvertFromInventor.cpp
6    GroupSoLOD.cpp
7    PendulumCallback.cpp
8    ReaderWriterIV.cpp
9    ShuttleCallback.cpp
[7348]12    ConvertToInventor.h
[6381]13    ConvertFromInventor.h
14    GroupSoLOD.h
15    PendulumCallback.h
16    ReaderWriterIV.h
17    ShuttleCallback.h
[9339]26SETUP_PLUGIN(iv iv)
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