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2// UNZIPPING functions -- for unzipping.
3// This file is a repackaged form of extracts from the zlib code available
4// at, by Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler. The original
5// copyright notice may be found in unzip.cpp. The repackaging was done
6// by Lucian Wischik to simplify and extend its use in Windows/C++. Also
7// encryption and unicode filenames have been added.
10#ifndef _unzip_H
11#define _unzip_H
14#ifdef ZIP_STD
15#include <stdio.h>
16#include <string.h>
17#include <stdlib.h>
18#include <time.h>
19#ifdef _MSC_VER
20#include <sys/utime.h> // microsoft puts it here
22#include <utime.h>
24#if defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__BORLANDC__) || defined(__MINGW32__)
25#include <direct.h>
26#define lumkdir(t) (_mkdir(t))
28#include <unistd.h>
29#define lumkdir(t) (mkdir(t,0755))
31#include <sys/types.h>
32#include <sys/stat.h>
34typedef unsigned short WORD;
35#define _tcslen strlen
36#define _tcsicmp stricmp
37#define _tcsncpy strncpy
38#define _tcsstr strstr
40#ifndef _T
41#define _T(s) s
43#ifndef S_IWUSR
44#define S_IWUSR 0000200
45#define S_ISDIR(m) (((m) & _S_IFMT) == _S_IFDIR)
46#define S_ISREG(m) (((m) & _S_IFMT) == _S_IFREG)
50#include <windows.h>
51#include <stdio.h>
52#include <stdlib.h>
53#include <string.h>
54#include <tchar.h>
57#ifdef ZIP_STD
58#include <time.h>
59#define DECLARE_HANDLE(name) struct name##__ { int unused; }; typedef struct name##__ *name
60#ifndef MAX_PATH
61#define MAX_PATH 1024
63typedef unsigned long DWORD;
64typedef char TCHAR;
65typedef FILE* HANDLE;
66typedef time_t FILETIME;
70#ifndef _zip_H
73// An HZIP identifies a zip file that has been opened
75typedef DWORD ZRESULT;
76// return codes from any of the zip functions. Listed later.
78typedef struct
79{ int index;                 // index of this file within the zip
80  TCHAR name[MAX_PATH];      // filename within the zip
81  DWORD attr;                // attributes, as in GetFileAttributes.
82  FILETIME atime,ctime,mtime;// access, create, modify filetimes
83  long comp_size;            // sizes of item, compressed and uncompressed. These
84  long unc_size;             // may be -1 if not yet known (e.g. being streamed in)
87HZIP OpenZip(const TCHAR *fn, const char *password);
88HZIP OpenZip(void *z,unsigned int len, const char *password);
89HZIP OpenZipHandle(HANDLE h, const char *password);
90// OpenZip - opens a zip file and returns a handle with which you can
91// subsequently examine its contents. You can open a zip file from:
92// from a pipe:             OpenZipHandle(hpipe_read,0);
93// from a file (by handle): OpenZipHandle(hfile,0);
94// from a file (by name):   OpenZip("c:\\","password");
95// from a memory block:     OpenZip(bufstart, buflen,0);
96// If the file is opened through a pipe, then items may only be
97// accessed in increasing order, and an item may only be unzipped once,
98// although GetZipItem can be called immediately before and after unzipping
99// it. If it's opened in any other way, then full random access is possible.
100// Note: pipe input is not yet implemented.
101// Note: zip passwords are ascii, not unicode.
102// Note: for windows-ce, you cannot close the handle until after CloseZip.
103// but for real windows, the zip makes its own copy of your handle, so you
104// can close yours anytime.
106ZRESULT GetZipItem(HZIP hz, int index, ZIPENTRY *ze);
107// GetZipItem - call this to get information about an item in the zip.
108// If index is -1 and the file wasn't opened through a pipe,
109// then it returns information about the whole zipfile
110// (and in particular ze.index returns the number of index items).
111// Note: the item might be a directory (ze.attr & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY)
112// See below for notes on what happens when you unzip such an item.
113// Note: if you are opening the zip through a pipe, then random access
114// is not possible and GetZipItem(-1) fails and you can't discover the number
115// of items except by calling GetZipItem on each one of them in turn,
116// starting at 0, until eventually the call fails. Also, in the event that
117// you are opening through a pipe and the zip was itself created into a pipe,
118// then then comp_size and sometimes unc_size as well may not be known until
119// after the item has been unzipped.
121ZRESULT FindZipItem(HZIP hz, const TCHAR *name, bool ic, int *index, ZIPENTRY *ze);
122// FindZipItem - finds an item by name. ic means 'insensitive to case'.
123// It returns the index of the item, and returns information about it.
124// If nothing was found, then index is set to -1 and the function returns
125// an error code.
127ZRESULT UnzipItem(HZIP hz, int index, const TCHAR *fn);
128ZRESULT UnzipItem(HZIP hz, int index, void *z,unsigned int len);
129ZRESULT UnzipItemHandle(HZIP hz, int index, HANDLE h);
130// UnzipItem - given an index to an item, unzips it. You can unzip to:
131// to a pipe:             UnzipItemHandle(hz,i, hpipe_write);
132// to a file (by handle): UnzipItemHandle(hz,i, hfile);
133// to a file (by name):   UnzipItem(hz,i,;
134// to a memory block:     UnzipItem(hz,i, buf,buflen);
135// In the final case, if the buffer isn't large enough to hold it all,
136// then the return code indicates that more is yet to come. If it was
137// large enough, and you want to know precisely how big, GetZipItem.
138// Note: zip files are normally stored with relative pathnames. If you
139// unzip with ZIP_FILENAME a relative pathname then the item gets created
140// relative to the current directory - it first ensures that all necessary
141// subdirectories have been created. Also, the item may itself be a directory.
142// If you unzip a directory with ZIP_FILENAME, then the directory gets created.
143// If you unzip it to a handle or a memory block, then nothing gets created
144// and it emits 0 bytes.
145ZRESULT SetUnzipBaseDir(HZIP hz, const TCHAR *dir);
146// if unzipping to a filename, and it's a relative filename, then it will be relative to here.
147// (defaults to current-directory).
150ZRESULT CloseZip(HZIP hz);
151// CloseZip - the zip handle must be closed with this function.
153unsigned int FormatZipMessage(ZRESULT code, TCHAR *buf,unsigned int len);
154// FormatZipMessage - given an error code, formats it as a string.
155// It returns the length of the error message. If buf/len points
156// to a real buffer, then it also writes as much as possible into there.
159// These are the result codes:
160#define ZR_OK         0x00000000     // nb. the pseudo-code zr-recent is never returned,
161#define ZR_RECENT     0x00000001     // but can be passed to FormatZipMessage.
162// The following come from general system stuff (e.g. files not openable)
163#define ZR_GENMASK    0x0000FF00
164#define ZR_NODUPH     0x00000100     // couldn't duplicate the handle
165#define ZR_NOFILE     0x00000200     // couldn't create/open the file
166#define ZR_NOALLOC    0x00000300     // failed to allocate some resource
167#define ZR_WRITE      0x00000400     // a general error writing to the file
168#define ZR_NOTFOUND   0x00000500     // couldn't find that file in the zip
169#define ZR_MORE       0x00000600     // there's still more data to be unzipped
170#define ZR_CORRUPT    0x00000700     // the zipfile is corrupt or not a zipfile
171#define ZR_READ       0x00000800     // a general error reading the file
172#define ZR_PASSWORD   0x00001000     // we didn't get the right password to unzip the file
173// The following come from mistakes on the part of the caller
174#define ZR_CALLERMASK 0x00FF0000
175#define ZR_ARGS       0x00010000     // general mistake with the arguments
176#define ZR_NOTMMAP    0x00020000     // tried to ZipGetMemory, but that only works on mmap zipfiles, which yours wasn't
177#define ZR_MEMSIZE    0x00030000     // the memory size is too small
178#define ZR_FAILED     0x00040000     // the thing was already failed when you called this function
179#define ZR_ENDED      0x00050000     // the zip creation has already been closed
180#define ZR_MISSIZE    0x00060000     // the indicated input file size turned out mistaken
181#define ZR_PARTIALUNZ 0x00070000     // the file had already been partially unzipped
182#define ZR_ZMODE      0x00080000     // tried to mix creating/opening a zip
183// The following come from bugs within the zip library itself
184#define ZR_BUGMASK    0xFF000000
185#define ZR_NOTINITED  0x01000000     // initialisation didn't work
186#define ZR_SEEK       0x02000000     // trying to seek in an unseekable file
187#define ZR_NOCHANGE   0x04000000     // changed its mind on storage, but not allowed
188#define ZR_FLATE      0x05000000     // an internal error in the de/inflation code
194// e.g.
196// SetCurrentDirectory("c:\\docs\\stuff");
197// HZIP hz = OpenZip("c:\\",0);
198// ZIPENTRY ze; GetZipItem(hz,-1,&ze); int numitems=ze.index;
199// for (int i=0; i<numitems; i++)
200// { GetZipItem(hz,i,&ze);
201//   UnzipItem(hz,i,;
202// }
203// CloseZip(hz);
206// HRSRC hrsrc = FindResource(hInstance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(1),RT_RCDATA);
207// HANDLE hglob = LoadResource(hInstance,hrsrc);
208// void *zipbuf=LockResource(hglob);
209// unsigned int ziplen=SizeofResource(hInstance,hrsrc);
210// HZIP hz = OpenZip(zipbuf, ziplen, 0);
211//   - unzip to a membuffer -
212// ZIPENTRY ze; int i; FindZipItem(hz,"file.dat",true,&i,&ze);
213// char *ibuf = new char[ze.unc_size];
214// UnzipItem(hz,i, ibuf, ze.unc_size);
215// delete[] ibuf;
216//   - unzip to a fixed membuff -
217// ZIPENTRY ze; int i; FindZipItem(hz,"file.dat",true,&i,&ze);
218// char ibuf[1024]; ZRESULT zr=ZR_MORE; unsigned long totsize=0;
219// while (zr==ZR_MORE)
220// { zr = UnzipItem(hz,i, ibuf,1024);
221//   unsigned long bufsize=1024; if (zr==ZR_OK) bufsize=ze.unc_size-totsize;
222//   totsize+=bufsize;
223// }
224//   - unzip to a pipe -
225// HANDLE hwrite; HANDLE hthread=CreateWavReaderThread(&hwrite);
226// int i; ZIPENTRY ze; FindZipItem(hz,"sound.wav",true,&i,&ze);
227// UnzipItemHandle(hz,i, hwrite);
228// CloseHandle(hwrite);
229// WaitForSingleObject(hthread,INFINITE);
230// CloseHandle(hwrite); CloseHandle(hthread);
231//   - finished -
232// CloseZip(hz);
233// // note: no need to free resources obtained through Find/Load/LockResource
236// SetCurrentDirectory("c:\\docs\\pipedzipstuff");
237// HANDLE hread,hwrite; CreatePipe(&hread,&hwrite,0,0);
238// CreateZipWriterThread(hwrite);
239// HZIP hz = OpenZipHandle(hread,0);
240// for (int i=0; ; i++)
241// { ZIPENTRY ze;
242//   ZRESULT zr=GetZipItem(hz,i,&ze); if (zr!=ZR_OK) break; // no more
243//   UnzipItem(hz,i,;
244// }
245// CloseZip(hz);
252// Now we indulge in a little skullduggery so that the code works whether
253// the user has included just zip or both zip and unzip.
254// Idea: if header files for both zip and unzip are present, then presumably
255// the cpp files for zip and unzip are both present, so we will call
256// one or the other of them based on a dynamic choice. If the header file
257// for only one is present, then we will bind to that particular one.
258ZRESULT CloseZipU(HZIP hz);
259unsigned int FormatZipMessageU(ZRESULT code, TCHAR *buf,unsigned int len);
260bool IsZipHandleU(HZIP hz);
261#ifdef _zip_H
262#undef CloseZip
263#define CloseZip(hz) (IsZipHandleU(hz)?CloseZipU(hz):CloseZipZ(hz))
265#define CloseZip CloseZipU
266#define FormatZipMessage FormatZipMessageU
271#endif // _unzip_H
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