root/OpenSceneGraph/trunk/src/osgWrappers/serializers/osg/BlendFunc.cpp @ 11018

Revision 11018, 0.6 kB (checked in by robert, 7 years ago)

From Wang Rui, "Changes:

1. Rewrite the reading/writing exception handlers to work like the ive
plugin exceptions.
2. Write a header writing/checking function in ReaderWriterOSG2.cpp,
which may help decide if the stream is ascii or binary. The
readInputIterator() function will return null pointer if the input
file is nither osgb nor osgt format, which indicates that the old .osg
format could be used here, in case we've merged the two plugins
3. Add a new ForceReadingImage? option in the InputStream?, which will
allocate an empty image object with the filename if specifed external
image file is missed. It may be useful for format converting in some
4. Add new osgParticle wrappers, as well as some modification to the
osgParticle headers, for instance, change isEnabled() to getEnabled().
5. Some fixes to the osg serialization wrappers."

  • Property svn:executable set to *
1#include <osg/BlendFunc>
2#include <osgDB/ObjectWrapper>
3#include <osgDB/InputStream>
4#include <osgDB/OutputStream>
7                         new osg::BlendFunc,
8                         osg::BlendFunc,
9                         "osg::Object osg::StateAttribute osg::BlendFunc" )
11    ADD_GLENUM_SERIALIZER( SourceRGB, GLenum, GL_NONE );  // _source_factor
12    ADD_GLENUM_SERIALIZER( SourceAlpha, GLenum, GL_NONE );  // _source_factor_alpha
13    ADD_GLENUM_SERIALIZER( DestinationRGB, GLenum, GL_NONE );  // _destination_factor
14    ADD_GLENUM_SERIALIZER( DestinationAlpha, GLenum, GL_NONE );  // _destination_factor_alpha
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