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From Javier Taibo,
"I have found a "bug" in the new audio decoding code (actually I think the bug is in ffmpeg, but anyway it should be wise to protect the OSG plug-in about it). I am attaching a security check in FFmpegDecoderAudio.cpp.

If anybody is curious about the problem, it happens sometimes when decoding an AAC audio stream. It eventually includes a PCE block inside the AAC audio frame and then ffmpeg audio decoding function signals a "new_frame" with 1024 samples, but a null pointer instead of the audio data. It can be easily detected because in these cases number of channels is 0. Maybe this is the intended behaviour for ffmpeg, but I find it quite weird.

" It seems that libav does not have a channels attribute in AVFrame structure. This new version should do."

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1#include <osgManipulator/TrackballDragger>
2#include <osgDB/ObjectWrapper>
3#include <osgDB/InputStream>
4#include <osgDB/OutputStream>
6REGISTER_OBJECT_WRAPPER( osgManipulator_TrackballDragger,
7                         new osgManipulator::TrackballDragger,
8                         osgManipulator::TrackballDragger,
9                         "osg::Object osg::Node osg::Transform osg::MatrixTransform osgManipulator::Dragger "
10                         "osgManipulator::TrackballDragger" )  // No need to contain CompositeDragger here
12    ADD_FLOAT_SERIALIZER(AxisLineWidth, 2.0f);
13    ADD_FLOAT_SERIALIZER(PickCylinderHeight, 0.15f);
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