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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
Xcode 11178 8 years shuber: From Stephan Huber: fixed xcode project again
src 11203 8 years robert: From Sukender, "I had some conflicts when updating but they seem resolved …
PlatformSpecifics 9746 9 years robert: From Roger James, fixes for VS build handling of new VS versioning support
packaging 10352 8 years robert: From Alberto Luaces, "the new changes in osgAnimation showed some errors …
include 11202 8 years robert: Clean up of initialization of statics/use of getenv
examples 11199 8 years robert: Fixed warning
doc 9764 9 years robert: From Sukender, changed doxygen verbosity to quite
CMakeModules 11198 8 years robert: From David Fries,"This improves the out of box detection of the 3rd party …
applications 11083 8 years robert: Updated contributors list for 2.9.7 release
runexamples.bat 2.6 kB 10869 8 years robert: From Ulrich Hertlein, "attached is a stencil buffer-based constant-width …
README.txt 6.2 kB 10885 8 years robert: Updated ChangeLog? and README.txt for 2.9.6 dev release
NEWS.txt 104.0 kB 9793 9 years robert: Merged in various changes from the OSG-2.8 to being svn/trunk up to date.
LICENSE.txt 29.1 kB 10015 9 years robert: From J.P. Delport, tweak to fix spelling and grammer
CTestConfig.cmake 0.5 kB 10500 8 years robert: From Jean-Sebastien Guay, updated CTestConfig to point to new …
configure 38 bytes 9551 9 years robert: Added passing of command line args to cmake
CMakeLists.txt 38.5 kB 11197 8 years robert: From David Fries,"We are needing to compile Debug, Release, and …
ChangeLog 3.3 MB 11103 8 years robert: Updated wrappers
AUTHORS.txt 5.8 kB 11104 8 years robert: Updated authors file
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