root/OpenSceneGraph/trunk @ 4952

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
applications 4935 12 years robert: Added proper catch of Paul de Repentinguy name
bin 251 16 years robert: Added .README to prevent CVS from deleting the empty bin directory when …
dist 3735 13 years don: Removed old RPM spec files. This shouldn't be in the repository as …
doc 4790 12 years robert: Started experimenting with sections and table of contents.
examples 4952 12 years robert: Ported picking across to using PickVisitor?.
include 4950 12 years robert: Seperated out the view and model matrices in IntersectVisitor? to …
lib 1688 15 years don: Removed osgPlugins from lib, which is now built on the fly
Make 4931 12 years robert: From Matthew May, fixes for threading problems under FreeBSD build.
src 4951 12 years robert: Added setting of the parent path on the new PickVisitor?.
VisualStudio 4945 12 years robert: From Ali Botorabi, adding of osg::Depth support in .ive format.
AUTHORS.txt 2.5 kB 4935 12 years robert: Added proper catch of Paul de Repentinguy name
ChangeLog 1.1 MB 4920 12 years robert: Updated ChangeLog? for 1.0 release.
GNUmakefile 308 bytes 3729 13 years don: Added tagrules for 'make tag' convenience Updated makedefs for …
INSTALL.txt 0.5 kB 3715 13 years don: Fixed reference to install instructions
LICENSE.txt 3.3 kB 1981 14 years don: Update of 5/27/03 backup with 6/20/03 tarball
NEWS.txt 68.5 kB 4921 12 years robert: Updated NEWS and AUTHORS files for the release.
README.txt 284 bytes 4726 12 years don: small change to test osg-cvs.…
runexamples.bat 2.5 kB 4734 12 years robert: Added osgshaderterrain and osgparametric to runexamples.bat
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