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04/09/09 20:26:04 (9 years ago)

From Santosh Gaikwad, ply plugin, based on Equalizer and other LGPL compatible sources.

"Attached is the osg-plugin for reading ply ( Stanford Triangle Format ) file. I have written the plugin according to OSG standard and have also added cmake build system. The plugin is working fine on both Linux and Windows and should behave similarly on other OS as well."

"I developed this plugin while working on a project based on Equalizer. So VertexData? which I am using is taken from equalizer and modified to make them work as separate OSG plugin.
Before contributing this plugin to OSG community, I asked project manager of Equalizer project Stefen regarding potential licensing issues and this is what he has said

"The kd-Tree (VertexBuffer?*) is LGPL-licensed, and the base ply loader (ply*) is BSD. As long as you leave the copyright notices intact, there is no issue."

so I think using these files in OSG should not be a problem.

As far as author of ReaderWriterPLY.cpp is concerned I am the author. I am working for Darshan3d which is a subsidiary of VizExperts? thats why I have put VizExperts? copyright."

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