07/12/10 13:30:15 (7 years ago)

From Mathias Froehlich, "I have now put together what I have for the order independent transparency or
short oit. This rendering technique is also known as depth peeling.

Attached is the example that makes depth peeling work with the fixed function
pipeline. Ok, this is 'old fashioned' but required for our use case that
still has to work on older UNIX OpenGL implementations as well as together
with a whole existing application making use of the fixed function pipeline.
I can imagine to add support for shaders when we have that shader composition
framework where we can add a second depth test in a generic way.

This does *not* implement the dual depth peeling described in a paper from the
ETH Zurich.

This example could serve as a test case for the feature that you can on the
fly remove pre render cameras that you made work a few time ago.
It is also a test case for the new TraversalOrderBin? that is used to composite
the depth layers in the correct blend order.
This example also stresses your new texture object cache since you can change
some parameters for the oit implementation at runtime.

You can just load any model with osgoit and see how it works.
Use the usual help key to see what you can change.

There is already an osgdepthpeeling example that I could not really make sense
of up to now. So I just made something new without touching what I do not

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