11/08/10 13:28:31 (6 years ago)

From Jean-Sebastien Guay, "As promised, here is the fix for the background size. I also added another instance variable _lineHeight to clean up the code a bit more.

Also I've done the osguserstats example. I've kept the "toy example" that was in the modified osgviewer.cpp I had sent you, because they show different uses of custom stats lines (a value displayed directly, a value without bars and a value with bars and graph). I also added a function and a thread that will sleep for a given number of milliseconds and record this time in the stats. I think it clearly shows how to record the time some processing takes and add that to the stats graph, whether the processing takes place on the same thread as the viewer or on another thread.

BTW, feel free to modify the colors I've given to each user stats line... I'm not very artistic. :-)

I've also added more doc comments to the addUserStats() method in ViewerEventHandlers?, so hopefully the arguments are clear and the way to get the results you want is also clear. Maybe I went overboard, but the function makes some assumptions that may not be obvious and has many arguments, so I preferred to be explicit."

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