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11/21/14 21:16:16 (2 days ago)

From Alberto Luaces,"the current code uses the preprocessor for generating the plugin path in
a way that when CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX contains something along the lines


it gets substituted as


that is, the string is preprocessed again, thereby making changes to
anything that matches any defined symbol, as "linux" in this example

Quoting that path directly in CMake scripts solves that problem.

2 modified


  • OpenSceneGraph/trunk/include/osgUtil/Optimizer

    r13041 r13501  
    258258        /** Flatten Static Transform nodes by applying their transform to the 
    259259          * geometry on the leaves of the scene graph, then removing the 
    260           * now redundant transforms.  Static transformed Subgraphs that have multiple 
     260          * now redundant transforms.  Static transformed subgraphs that have multiple 
    261261          * parental paths above them are not flattened, if you require this then 
    262262          * the subgraphs have to be duplicated - for this use the 
    293293        }; 
    295         /** FlattenStaticTransformsDuplicatingSharedSubgraphsVisitor is similar to 
    296           * to FlattenStaticTransformsVisitor in that is desgined to remove static transforms 
     295        /** FlattenStaticTransformsDuplicatingSharedSubgraphsVisitor is similar 
     296          * to FlattenStaticTransformsVisitor in that it is designed to remove static transforms 
    297297          * from the scene graph, pushing down the transforms to the geometry leaves of the scene graph, 
    298298          * but with the difference that any subgraphs that are shared between different transforms 
    299           * of duplicated and flatten individually.  This results in more static transforms 
     299          * are duplicated and flattened individually.  This results in more static transforms 
    300300          * being removed, but also means that more data is generated, and as a result may 
    301301          * not always be the most appropriate flatten visitor to use.*/ 
    795795        /** Optimize texture usage in the scene graph by combining textures into texture atlas 
    796796          * Use of texture atlas cuts down on the number of seperate states in the scene, reducing 
    797           * state changes and improving the chances of use larger batches of geomertry.*/ 
     797          * state changes and improving the chances of using larger batches of geometry.*/ 
    798798        class OSGUTIL_EXPORT TextureAtlasVisitor : public BaseOptimizerVisitor 
    799799        { 
  • OpenSceneGraph/trunk/src/osgUtil/Optimizer.cpp

    r13488 r13501  
    5151using namespace osgUtil; 
    53 // #define GEOMETRYDEPRECATED                 
     53// #define GEOMETRYDEPRECATED 
    5555void Optimizer::reset() 
    259259        } while (result); 
    261         // no combine any adjacent static transforms. 
     261        // now combine any adjacent static transforms. 
    262262        CombineStaticTransformsVisitor cstv(this); 
    263263        node->accept(cstv); 
    269269        OSG_INFO<<"Optimizer::optimize() doing FLATTEN_STATIC_TRANSFORMS_DUPLICATING_SHARED_SUBGRAPHS"<<std::endl; 
    271         // no combine any adjacent static transforms. 
     271        // now combine any adjacent static transforms. 
    272272        FlattenStaticTransformsDuplicatingSharedSubgraphsVisitor fstdssv(this); 
    273273        node->accept(fstdssv); 
    12851285    if (nodeWeCannotRemove && nodeWeCannotRemove->asTransform()!=0 && nodeWeCannotRemove->asTransform()->asMatrixTransform()!=0) 
    12861286    { 
    1287         // remove topmost node if it exists in the transform set. 
     1287        // remove topmost node from transform set if it exists there. 
    12881288        TransformSet::iterator itr = _transformSet.find(nodeWeCannotRemove->asTransform()->asMatrixTransform()); 
    12891289        if (itr!=_transformSet.end()) _transformSet.erase(itr);