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    4 4th August 2003 - OpenSceneGraph-0.9.7 
    6     >>> new osgTerrain library for generating large scale geospatial databases. 
    8     osgTerrain 
    10     Improved TXP plugin 
    12     DatabasePager 
    14     Double Vec & Matrix classes & CoordinateSystemNode/EllipsoidModel 
    16     osgUtil - tristipper, simplifier, GLObjectVisitor. 
     46th August 2003 - OpenSceneGraph-0.9.7 
     6    >>> support for and generation of large scale geospatial whole earth databases, support for movies, with examples shadows and volume rendering. 
     8    The 0.9.7 encompasses many improvements, bug fixes, new examples and significant new functionality, the most notable of which is 
     9    a new osgTerrain library for generation of large scale geospatial databases. 
     11    The new osgTerrain library and associated osgdem utility program allow users to uses moziacs of geospatial imagery and digital elevation maps 
     12    to generate a complete paged database which can be used with standard OSG viewers, and users programs. By utilising GDAL to load the imagery 
     13    and DEM's a wide range of geospatial formats are supported.    
     15    The TerraPage plugin has also been rewritten ontop of the OSG's osg::PagedLOD and osgDB::DatabasePager which provides support for  
     16    tile fallback mechansim to ensure that no holes or cracks appear in the databases being roamed, and to achieve constant frameframe 
     17    via load balancing mechansisms with osgDB::DatabasePager. 
     19    The osgDB::DatabasePager has been further improved to provide more configurable load balancing to allow application developers to 
     20    achieve constrant framerates when using paged databases. 
     22    Double Vec & Matrix classes & CoordinateSystemNode/EllipsoidModel class have been introduced to better support browsing of large 
     23    scale databases, and to provide a mechansim for tracking the local up orientation when roaming whole earth databases. 
     25    osgUtil has been enhanced with a improved triangle stipper class (osgUtil::TriStipVisitor), a new simplifier (osgUtil::Simplifer) for 
     26    reducing triangle density of osg::Geometry leaves (utilised by osgTerrain to provide simplication of terrain tiles), improved and 
     27    more configurable optimizer (osgUtil::Optimizer), a new utility class for compling and releasing OpenGL objects (osgUtil::GLObjectVisitor) 
     28    replaces the prevsous and more limited DisplayListVisitor. 
     30    All the osgGA::MatrxManipulator's (used for camera manipulator etc) have been revamped with usage of doubles internally, and with  
     31    tracking of the current CoordinateSystem if one is active, to be better support whole earth databases.  All the MatrixManipulator  
     32    have been extend to allow the setting of a user defined a home position.  Two new manipulators have been introduced  
     33    osgGA::TerrainManipulator, for roaming whole earth/terrain databases, and osgGA::TrackerManipulator which allows the camera to be 
     34    attached to a node in the scene graph. 
     36    Movie support under Linux and OSX via libMpeg3 and Quicktime respectively, which extend the new osg::ImageStream base class which 
     37    allows application developers access to playing, pausing and rewinding movies.  
     39    The convertion utility osgconv has been extended to allow compression of textures and mipmap generation during conversion when 
     40    writing to the native .ive binary format.  Texture compression and pre computer mipmaps enable faster loading of databases 
     41    and lower utilization of memory resources. 
    1843    Examples 
    1944        osgdem 
    3661        osgvolume 
    38     New manipulators - TerrainManipulator and TrackerManipulator. 
    40     Movie support under Linux and OSX via LibMpeg3 and Quicktime respectively.  
    42     Support for compressing textures and mipmap generation in osgconv. 
     63    Write support added to JPG plugin. 
     65    Write + 3D texture support added to DDS plugin. 
     67    Pseudo loaders .trans, .rot and .scale have been added. 
     69    Updated LWO, AC3D, BMP, IVE and FLT loaers. 
     71    osg::TexGenNode has been added to provide a mechanism for positioning OpenGL's texture coordinate generation planes. 
    4473    Bug fixes.