02/11/07 11:33:59 (10 years ago)

From Vivek Rajan, new osgManipulator library, with a few minor tweaks and rename for osgDragger to osgManipulator for build by Robert Osfield.
Vivek's email to osg-submissions:

"I'm happy to release the osgdragger nodekit to the OSG community. I
implemented the nodekit for my company, Fugro-Jason Inc., and they
have kindly agreed to open source it.

The nodekit contains a few draggers but it should be easy to build new
draggers on top of it. The design of the nodekit is based on a
SIGGRAPH 2002 course - "Design and Implementation of Direct
Manipulation in 3D". You can find the course notes at
http://www.pauliface.com/Sigg02/index.html. Reading pages 20 - 29 of
the course notes should give you a fair understanding of how the
nodekit works.

The source code also contains an example of how to use the draggers."

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