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From David Callu, "Problem:

osgText::Text and osgText::Text3D use the same font file.
The first really load the file and obtain an osgText::Font object,
the second use the cache created during the first load of the
font file, and so obtain an osgText::Font object instead of
osgText::Font3D object. To obtain an osgText::Font3D object,
osgText::Text3D call osgDB::readObjectFile(...) with an option
to specify the plugin we want an osgText::Font3D instead of

Generalised Problem:

In osgDB::Registry, loaded file cache is referenced by the name
of this file, so if I load a file with some options, and the cache
already contain object for this filename, I obtain an object
potentially not loaded with my options.


Cache management is delegate to osgDB::Registry, but cache
coherence (load a file with option then reuse it, deactivate the
cache when load a specific file or don't cached the loaded file)
is user's responsibility.

Text3D solution:

Postfix the font file name by .text3d or something similar and then have the freetype plugin return
osgText::Font3D when it detects this.
This operation is done by osgText::readFont3DFile() which unsure the filename have .text3d as extension.
This is totaly transparent for user, and backward compatible.

BTW, I fix the bug about the Normal of 3D text. Currently, the front and wall face have
the same normal (0,0,1) in the Text3D object coordinate. Now the wall face have its own
normal array computed by the plugin.

BTW 2, I implement
- void Text3D::accept(osg::Drawable::ConstAttributeFunctor?& af) const
- void Text3D::accept(osg::PrimitiveFunctor?& pf) const
so now statistics are well reported.

1 modified


  • OpenSceneGraph/trunk/src/osgDB/Registry.cpp

    r9880 r9881  
    319319    addFileExtensionAlias("cef",   "freetype");  // OpenType 
    320320    addFileExtensionAlias("fon",   "freetype");  // Windows bitmap fonts 
    321     addFileExtensionAlias("fnt",   "freetype");    // Windows bitmap fonts 
     321    addFileExtensionAlias("fnt",   "freetype");  // Windows bitmap fonts 
     322    addFileExtensionAlias("text3d", "freetype"); // use 3D Font instead of 2D Font 
    323324    // wont't add type1 and type2 until resolve extension collision with Performer binary and ascii files. 
    324325    // addFileExtensionAlias("pfb",   "freetype");  // type1 binary