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Scene graph dependencies

The OpenSceneGraph is composed of core scene graph libraries, plugins libraries and demo programs. The core scene graph libraries (osg, osgDB, osgUtil) are only dependent upon OpenGL and Standard C++ so should compile straight out of the box on most systems. To run the demos one will also need to compile osgProducer which adds the dependency of Producer, and if true type text is required then the freetype library will be required. The plugins which are used to read and write various file formats have their own sets of dependencies listed below, some have no dependencies at all. A plugin is only needed if you need to load that specific file format, so it is not critical if you don't have all the required dependencies.

Windows dependency archives

To make life easier for Windows users, we have put together a .zip archives with all the required dependencies which can be download and installed somewhere in you system. You'll need to set VisualStudio to pick up on the include and libs, and the PATH set to pick up in the dll's. Alternatively, a more hacky but simpler solution is to unpack this archive inside you OpenSceneGraph distribution, so that all the include files drop into OpenSceneGraph/include, and the libs drop into OpenSceneGraph/lib, and all the dll's drop into OpenSceneGraph/bin, this way VisualStudio will pick up the files simpler through the paths set up inside the workspace and project files. The archives can be downloaded here: . .