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(edit) @8535 [8535] 9 years robert Added prelimnary KdTree? data structure and automatic kdtree build support …
(edit) @8532 [8532] 9 years robert Added new data structure + build algorithm that places triangles into …
(edit) @8528 [8528] 9 years robert Refactored example so that the example will be able to run different …
(edit) @8526 [8526] 9 years robert Implement an experiemental triangle kdtree building support
(edit) @8520 [8520] 9 years robert Added Vec3Array arrange pointer to avoid dynamic cast
(edit) @8417 [8417] 9 years robert Cleaned up implementation to only use simple structure
(edit) @8415 [8415] 9 years robert Introduce a lower overhead data structure for leaves.
(edit) @8414 [8414] 9 years robert Added update traversal to run prior to doing kdtree build to make sure …
(edit) @8411 [8411] 9 years robert Added timing code
(edit) @8410 [8410] 9 years robert Basic implementation of kdtree generation based on vertices
(edit) @8408 [8408] 9 years robert Further work on fleshing out basic classes
(edit) @8405 [8405] 9 years robert Fleshed out some basic kd-tree data structures.
(add) @8404 [8404] 9 years robert First cut of osgkdtree example, this will be used as a base of the …
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