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(edit) @13574 [13574] 2 years robert Release OpenSceneGraph-3.5.1
(edit) @12531 [12531] 6 years robert From Anthousis Andreadis, added multiple sampling test for multiple …
(edit) @12292 [12292] 7 years robert Ran svn propset -R svn:eol-style native . on the OpenSceneGraph
(edit) @9386 [9386] 9 years robert From J.P Delport, "I changed the default HDR mode to the ARB format and …
(edit) @8883 [8883] 9 years robert From Mathias Froehlich, "I did some performance test runs with the …
(edit) @8084 [8084] 10 years robert Added reference to osgstereomatch example to …
(add) @8029 [8029] 10 years robert From Jose Delport, introduced osgmultiplerendertargets example
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