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(edit) @5328 [5328] 10 years robert Updated copyright years.
(edit) @5064 [5064] 10 years robert Build fixes to cope with changes to Producer/osgProducer.
(edit) @5032 [5032] 10 years robert Converted osgGA::GUIEventAdapter into a concrete class capable of …
(edit) @3528 [3528] 12 years robert Changed ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE to ABSOLUTE_RF and RELATIVE_RF to avoid …
(edit) @3516 [3516] 12 years robert Changed the ReferenceFrame? enums to be RELEATIVE and ABSOLUTE, …
(edit) @2688 [2688] 12 years robert Attempts to fix compile problems under IRIX due to namespace problems.
(edit) @2578 [2578] 12 years robert Added support for a photo archive.
(edit) @2574 [2574] 12 years robert Added beginings of PhotoArchive? for storing and loading a set of photos …
(edit) @2566 [2566] 12 years robert Added support for placing pictures of backs and fronts of pages.
(edit) @2539 [2539] 12 years robert Added gemetry of photo album and page turning animation.
(edit) @2521 [2521] 12 years robert Added proper handling of unhandled file return type.
(add) @2515 [2515] 12 years robert Added new example osgphotoalbum.
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