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(edit) @12292 [12292] 6 years robert Ran svn propset -R svn:eol-style native . on the OpenSceneGraph
(edit) @10733 [10733] 8 years robert Changed default enabling of vertex attribute mapping
(edit) @10724 [10724] 8 years robert Added simple textured scene graph test accessible using --texture or -t …
(edit) @10714 [10714] 8 years robert Added --simple option and associated set up of a very simple geometry and …
(edit) @10655 [10655] 8 years robert Added stats handler
(edit) @10642 [10642] 8 years robert Ported osg::Geometry across to supporting the aliasing of vertex, color …
(edit) @10641 [10641] 8 years robert Made the use of the new projection and modelview matrix uniforms optional
(edit) @10621 [10621] 8 years robert Introduced new uniforms for tracking the modelview and project matrices in …
(edit) @10620 [10620] 8 years robert Added use of binding of vertex attributes to names
(edit) @10619 [10619] 8 years robert Added remapping of gl_ and ftransform() variables to osg_ equivalents.
(edit) @10618 [10618] 8 years robert Implemented remapping of gl_ builtins vertex attributes to osg_ …
(add) @10617 [10617] 8 years robert New osgvertexattributes example designed to test conversion of fixed …
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