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(edit) @12292 [12292] 7 years robert Ran svn propset -R svn:eol-style native . on the OpenSceneGraph
(edit) @9324 [9324] 9 years robert Cleaned up osgWidget::VncClient? and osgWidget::Browser so that their …
(edit) @9323 [9323] 9 years robert Added support for setting background colour of Pdf document.
(edit) @9319 [9319] 9 years robert Intoduce new osgWidget::PdfReader? and osgWidget::VncClient? front ends to …
(edit) @9221 [9221] 9 years robert Updated wrappers
(edit) @9090 [9090] 9 years robert Refactored osgvnc example to utilise the new vnc plugin
(edit) @9084 [9084] 9 years robert Wrapped up the various client streaming methods + thread into VncImage?
(edit) @9083 [9083] 9 years robert Implemented keyboard and mouse dispatch from vnc client to vnc server.
(add) @9082 [9082] 9 years robert Added very basic osgvnc example that uses the LibVNCServer client libries …
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