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(edit) @9354 [9354] 9 years robert From Paul Martz, "I'm not sure why this message was added, but it doesn't …
(edit) @9023 [9023] 9 years robert Added a Refrenced::getGlobalReferencedMutex, and …
(edit) @7263 [7263] 10 years robert Set main scene graph elements to use thread safe ref/unref by default
(edit) @5573 [5573] 11 years robert Introduced new osg::View, and osg::RenderInfo? classes into the core OSG to …
(edit) @5328 [5328] 11 years robert Updated copyright years.
(edit) @4258 [4258] 12 years robert Fixed copy and paste mistakes in setEventCallback methods
(edit) @4096 [4096] 12 years robert Reduced the verbosness of debugging messages
(edit) @4094 [4094] 12 years robert Futher work on supporting update and event callbacks in StateSet?, Uniform …
(add) @4091 [4091] 13 years robert Added ParentList?'s into StateSet?, Uniform and StateAttribute? in …
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