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Reformatteded all needed steps for editing the Wiki and added tips

Wiki editing is available for by all users of OpenSceneGraph. However to prevent spam on the Wiki you will have to follow the steps below before you can edit a Wiki page.

  • Create a Wiki user account
  • Send a e-mail to Jose Luis Hidalgo (joseluis.hidalgo _AT_never_send_spam_ "Gm41l" _DOT_ "c0m") with your login, rewriting "Gm4a1l" and "c0m" properly :)
  • Login and select the "Edit this page" button


  • Add a short description of your changes in the "Comment about this change" textbox.
  • If you have made a major change to one of the Wiki pages (or added a new page) notify the OSG community on the forums so others can review your changes.