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Dispelling the myths

This page, presented as a FAQ, is a way to give arguments againts myths and potentially dishonest arguments.

OpenGL vs Direct3D

TODO: Say that D3D and OpenGL are different but are roughly equivalent when talking about performance and features. However, OpenGL is cross-platform (D3D is not), and is open source/open standard. (See the comparison article on Wikipedia and discussions on the mailing list).

Learning to use a scene graph costs too much!

TODO: Say that it may cost a bit, but the return on investment is highly profitable.

Is OSG suitable for a game?

TODO: Say that having a scene graph into a game engine is not that common, but here again, the return on investment is highly profitable. However, OSG does not address all aspects of a game engine, such as AI, pathfinding and such.

This page is to be completed.