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     2= OpenGL and OSG advocacy = 
     3This is a place for the community to help promoting OSG and more generally OpenGL. 
     5''The section is (for now) more a placeholder than a 'real' page and should be filled and updated.'' 
     7== Pages == 
     8 * [wiki:Community/Advocacy/Demos Demos and benchmarks] 
     9 * [wiki:Community/Advocacy/Myths Dispelling the myths] 
     10 * ''This section is to be completed.'' 
     12== Goals == 
     13Goals of such advocacy are: 
     14 1. Promote OpenGL 
     15  1. Campaign individually and as group publicly support of OpenGL and promote its benefits. 
     16  1. Publicly put pressure on the hardware vendors to better support OpenGL with respect to driver quality and features. 
     17  1. Coordinating between us on best practices to sell OpenGL to skeptical clients. 
     18 1. Promote OSG 
     19  1. Getting the OSG used actively for testing and benchmarking 
     20   1. Work with hardware vendors to set up a suite of tests that can show and measure the range of OpenGL features. 
     21   1. Come up with compelling benchmarking suite that shows off OSG/OpenGL. 
     22  1. Campaign individually and as group publicly OSG features. 
     24== !ToDo == 
     25Here are some examples of what can be done: 
     26 * Articles on OpenGL and OSG (personnal websites/blogs may link to them). Official OSG blog could have links and/or copies. 
     27 * Campains, logo and various advertising materials (personnal websites/blogs may link to them). 
     28 * Copy of letters we would have sent to to vendors and list of vendors to contact. 
     29 * Presentations 
     30 * etc.