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by Martijn Kragtwijk]

OsgLODeditor is a graphical Level-Of-Detail (LOD) editor for OpenSceneGraph files. It allows the user to easily create LOD nodes, with a visual and easy way to set the correct LOD 'ranges'.It takes as input up to 5 files (in any format that is readable by OSG), and creates from this a single file that is basically a LOD node with the input models as children.

Creating a LOD node consists of the following phases:

  1. Load the input models one by one into the LOD node, starting with the most detailed model (this will be level 0). The transition (the distance at which one model is switched out and the next is switched in) distances are set to default values, and you can observe the LOD switching behaviour in the viewport:
    • The slider below the viewport controls the distance from the camera to the origin of the LOD node;
    • you can rotate the camera around the origin by dragging the left mouse button within the viewport.
  2. Edit the transitions one by one. While working on one transition, the viewport switches back and forth between the 2 models; set the camera distance such that the difference between the models is small enough.
  3. Save the LOD model to a new file in .osg or .ive format

For a more detailed demonstration of the use of OsgLODeditor, please refer to the following example.

Download and installation

OsgLODeditor is released under the GNU LGPL. The source code can be downloaded here: (we might someday release Win32 executables and/or setup a source repository).

OsgLODeditor depends on the FOX Toolkit (version 1.4) for the GUI part, so you will need to have this installed to build OsgLODeditor. OsgLODeditor is developed on Windows XP (MS Visual Studio .NET 2003) and successfully tested on Linux, but should work on other platforms as well, as long as they support FOX and OSG.

MSVC++ users:

Open the provided .sln file in for Visual Studio, make sure your paths to FOX and OSG libs/includes are set correctly and select build.

== Linux/Unix users:== Use scons to build the program (see You may have to edit the SConstruct file in the distribution to set your paths correctly.


All comments/complaints/ideas/bug reports/additions/etc. are more than welcome at m.kragtwijk a

OsgLODeditor version 1.0 is written by Martijn Kragtwijk]

Copyright (C) 2005
Department of High-Performance Computing and Visualisation
University of Groningen