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We are delighted to announce the release of !Present3D as open source, under the GPL.

!Present3D allows the creation of seamless 3D stereoscopic presentations that combine, text, bulleted text, backgrounds, images, stereo images, movies, stereo movies, point cloud models, polygonal models (over thirty formats currently supported including massive terrain and vizsim .flt models) and animation paths, all in a real time, fully interactive environment....drop in a model, turn it, zoom in and explore a detail, fly through and around it..... but why stop at just one model, !Present3D uses the familiar slideshow format of applications like Powerpoint, so not only can a single slide combine all of these elements, including multiple models, but you can have as many slides as you require. Go from a text and movie introduction, to a fly through of a virtual town, to a full colour laser scan....what ever is required to explain your research, product, topic or design. By using animation paths and the autorun facility you can also build fully interactive stereo kiosks, for medical information, science centres, museums and heritage applications, now the limit is your imagination.

Robert Osfield & Phil Lavery. 8th November 2006.


We currently have source code available for download (support Linux and OSX, Windows port pending) :

Project plan

We are looking for members of the community to help out and develop !Present3D, so if there is something you feel you can contribute then please join us. Our current plans are:

Short term:

  • We would like to provide binaries for all major platforms, but require help from the community to make this happen.
  • Port to Windows.
  • Development of improved OpenSceneGraph QuickTime plugin that supports both OSX and Windows.
  • Set up project wiki based website, mailing list and subversion access.

Longer term:

  • Rewrite in Lua to improve portability, improve the ability for users to customize and extend !Present3D, and to allow presentations themselves to control the application.
  • Add graphical user interface for creating presentations. This users interface would be embedded in the application and be entirely 3D so will work seamlessly in a full 3D/stereo environments.
  • Write OpenSceneGraph documentation and examples directly in !Present3D presentations.

Digital Learning Foundation uses and supports !Present3D and OpenSceneGraph development

The Digital Learning Foundation Educational Charity uses P3D for the development of its 3D Stereoscopic Presentations, shows and educational materials. (

There are currently a number of development projects that will require the extension of !Present3D or the OpenSceneGraph that it is based on. For instance, the medical visualisation project will require the development of OsgVolume and the addition of a GUI, new tools and features to !Present3D... the Cornish/Western Australia project will require the addition of remote collaboration and control of a shared and jointly inhabited 3D environment with video and audio streaming ... and this will require some new or improved osg plugins for instance the Quicktime plugin needs to be updated, cross platform and allow direct control of video and audio content.... a midi plugin that allows midi devices and sensors to control and affect the 3D environment and content.... and much more

Support Present3D

You can support the development of !Present3D by making a donation or, if you are a developer, by getting your hands dirty and becoming directly involved..

You will find information on making a donation here:

To register an interest in becoming involved please contact the Digital Learning Foundation:

present3d "at"

replacing the "at" with @ as usual :-)

or post to the osg mailing list, with !Present3D in the subject line.