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Demos of based OpenSceneGraph applications

Applications developed by the OpenSceneGraph community

  • BertrandGreslier?'s java web framework is a graphical cross platforme tool to write cooki3d application (License Dual: GNU GPL/Commercial).
  • People/ToshiyukiTakahei's osgDirector is a graphical scene graph editor (License : GNU LGPL).
  • People/RubenLopez's Free OSG scene composer OSG-Edit (License : GNU GPL).
  • People/PedroJorquera's 3D visualization system for container terminals - Virtainer (License : GNU LGPL)
  • Poker3D multiplayer online poker game (License : GNU GPL).
  • People/MartijnKragtwijk's Graphical LOD editor: OsgLODeditor (License : GNU LGPL)
  • People/NguyenVanTruong's VehicleSimulationGame? is simple vehicle simulation game based on Open Dynamics Engine (ODE)that uses OSG for visualization.
  • Simon Brown's buggy demo adapted to OSG by Marcin Hajder. Win32 binaries and source code available here

Deprecated applications