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This page lists available contractors and companies that provides OpenSceneGraph=] related services such as contracting, bespoke development, support and training.

Robert Osfield, OpenSceneGraph Professional Services - consulting, bespoke development work, support and training from the project lead.

Paul Martz, Skew Matrix - consultanting, bespoke development work, technical authoring and training.

Bob Kuehne, Blue Newt - consulting, bespoke development work, support and training services

Gordon Tomlinson, - consulting, bespoke development work, 3d Modeling, support and training services

Adrian Egli, AS Software GmbH - consulting, bespoke development work, internet based rendering, streaming, (Webbrowser plugins, see reference:

Sohaib Athar, Algotrek Technology Consulting - Consulting, 3D Modeling, CAD Systems Development, Virtual Orthodontics Systems

Glenn Waldron, Pelican Mapping - Custom software development, data production, 3D modeling and consulting services; specializing in 3D GIS. Located in Washington DC metro.

Serge Lages, Tharsis Software - Custom software development, Consulting, GIS, 3D Internet solutions. Developers of Magrathea Engine. Located in Paris, France.