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Data Resources

The DataResources page provides links to various database and imagery files that can be read by the OpenSceneGraph

General data resources

Websites that host commerical and free 3D model content

Websites that host commericial and free imagery

Websites that host commericial and free Terrain data

Data Resources by data type

OpenSceneGraph .osg & .ive

  • Downloads/SampleDataset - The standard OpenSceneGraph example dataset.

DirectX 3D database format .x

Alias Wavefront OBJ ascii database format .obj

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Designers Workbench .dwb and .dwba (not yet supported in our loaders)

seems to have disappeared off the horizon. Any sightings?

Design Workshop .dw

AC3D .ac3d

OpenFlight .flt

Iventor/VRML .iv and .wrl

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Carbon Graphics Geo .geo

Lightwave .lwo and .lws

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Movie files in different formats

11 Bit Tiff Images