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This page is dedicated to providing information to distribution package maintainers, to help short cut how much work is required for you to update packages in line with new OpenSceneGraph releases, and who/how to contact us when coordinating your own package releases, build/bug fixes etc. Contact details/links to relevant web pages for the maintainers that we are aware of can be found on our wiki:Community/PackageMaintainers page.

Project contact

Project lead: Robert Osfield, robert AT
Public user/dev mailing list : osg-users@… (requires subscription to post)
Public submission mailing list : osg-submissions@… (requires subscription to post)

Project build and packaging pages

The OpenSceneGraph uses CMake for cross platform build, CPack for packaging, and CDash for online reporting of nightly builds.

Next stable release schedule

OpenSceneGraph-2.8.0 is due to be early February 2009. The NEWS entry for this release can be found at: wiki:News/Press/OSG2.8

We have a developer series that is nearing feature freeze, latest dev release will be OpenSceneGraph-2.7.9, due to be released on 29th Jan 2009. Once 2.7.9 is out we'll do some build and run time testing across platforms, if all goes well then we'll bump version numbers to 2.8.0 and create an OpenSceneGraph-2.8 branch that will then serve as our base for a series of release candidates that will culminate on use tag the OpenSceneGraph-2.8 branch as the final stable OpenSceneGraph-2.8.0 release.

Once OpenSceneGraph-2.8.0 is tagged, the OpenSceneGraph-2.8 branch will be maintained for bug and build fixes only, and if necessary we'll create further 2.8.x stable series releases.

Previous Stable releases

* OpenSceneGraph-2.6.1