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Job Offers

Companies who are looking for people with OpenSceneGraph skills may post their offers in this page. The still available date must be set to reflect the last time the offer was valid. Any offer with a date greater than one month may be removed.

Recent openings:

  • Freelance work - 6 months+ Posted Aug 29 2007

We're looking to hire an OpenGL developer to work with OpenSceneGraph on a 6-month contract. The work entails an earth sim app visualizing various scientific data sets. The first rev of the application has been completed, but there is much more to do. We're a small team and give tremendous creative freedom.

If interested, email resume / CV, hourly rate information, and availability.


  • Okcyd (Metz, France) Nous recherchons un développeur en informatique, plutôt orienté génie logiciel, de préférence :
    1. ingénieur ou bac+5.
    2. 2 ou 3 ans d'expérience minimum.
    3. très bon niveau en C++.
    4. expérience en 3D temps réel.

Une liste des domaines d'expérience souhaités mais non indispensables :

  1. jeux vidéos 3D;
  2. traitement d'images.
  3. géométrie dans l'espace.
  4. animation temps réel.
  5. moteur de rendu 3D.
  6. simulation physique.
  7. applications client-serveurs.

Contact : David VANTYGHEM (david POINT vantyghem AT

First posted 13 August 2007

  • Mo-Sys Ltd. (London, UK) We are looking for a full time software engineer to work on OSG and wx widgets. You will be working in a small team on a real time 3d rendering system for the film industry, which is already attracting the key Hollywood productions. Mo-Sys Limited is known for innovative design and manufacture of advanced robotics and real time 3d visualisation for the film and broadcast industry. Products include digital remote heads, absolute sensing heads and cranes, the 3D Inserter – an on-set, pre-visualisation system tailored for the film industry, a motion control system. Mo-Sys supplies equipment to companies including Disney, Warner Brothers and the BBC. For more info please see Job spec
    First posted 09 July 2007
  • Makai Ocean Engineering is still looking for a full-time OSG programmer position in Hawaii. We have filled the lead position for our visualization group and are currently looking to fill one more position. You will be working on a small OSG-based design team to develop a PC-based interactive software for the viewing and management of volumetric and other GIS data. Our salaries are very competitive and our work atmosphere is casual. All team members have advanced degrees and are passionate about their work. Makai's other interests include ocean-based renewable energy sources. Our engineers design sea water air conditioning systems and we are currently working with Lockheed Martin to design an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plant. We are also involved with Neutrino research and have been awarded a contract for a preliminary design of a deep sea neutrino detector. Makai is a intellectually challenging place to work and Hawaii is a great place to live. To learn more about this position, please visit our web site or contact Dr. Michael Nedbal. First posted March 1, 2007 - updated May 22, 2007
  • RSA Cosmos is looking for an OSG programmer to work on the new release of our astronomical simulator. [
    You will have to work on the representation of large scale astronomical databases in OSG.
    Our company is located in France near Lyon, you can find more informations about us on our website

    For more informations, please contact Benjamin Cabut (benjamin.cabut at First posted May 4, 2007

Contact: Loic Dachary loic@…

Contact: Judith E. Terrill judith.terrill@…

  • With the continuing increase in speed and capability of commodity graphics processors,immersive visualization offers increasing opportunities to express scientifically meaningful results. Data at NIST spans a wide range from nano to cement to models that exhibit complex dynamics. This research will build on our open source software that runs on a linux desktop as well as immersively. Opportunities exist for:
  1. investigating the use of immersive visualization as a scientific instrument for exploration and representation of data,
  2. developing ways to merge analysis with visualization and provide quantitative feedback into the visualization,
  3. exploring and expressing uncertainties,
  4. harnessing the growing capability of graphics processors to provide insight,
  5. advancing the use of abstraction to express meaning in data,
  6. developing user interaction methods, including direct manipulation techniques.

reference number 50.89.11.B6663 application deadline February 1, 2007 Please see the following link for details of the eligibility and application process:

  • The HLRS (Hight Performance Computing Center Stuttgart) is looking for a researcher/PHD Student. This is a full-time, three year position in an industry project with Microsoft and DaimlerChrysler. The focus will be on Augmented Reality applications in automotive engineering. Follow this link for more details: Deadline is December 22. Stellenangebote First posted December 4, 2006.
  • The Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park (VR&MM Park) is looking for a dedicated software engineer/programmer to round out our small team in the VR department. You will work closely with our technical staff to develop and maintain applications in the context of several projects. The ideal candidate will have previous experience with simulations and game development. This is a full-time, on-site position (VRMMP is based in Turin, Italy). Follow this link for more details: Software Engineer First posted November 17, 2006.
  • The Virtual Reality Application Center Iowa State Universityis hiring! VRAC is creating a new Systems Analyst position that will be the primary visualization and virtual reality engineer for the center. Follow the link below for specific details. Sytems Analyst First posted 05 November, 2006.
  • Seismic Micro-Technology Inc. has an opening for a Visualization Developer in Houston, Texas. We are looking for candidates with at least 3 years of experience developing 3D graphics applications on a Windows platform using OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph or OpenInventor. Candidates must have a strong graphics background and proven industry experience. Responsibilities will include displaying complex scientific data in 3D in a highly performant way. Candidates should be familiar with multithreaded and asynchronous programming models. Candidates must have a BS in computer science or an equivalent background. First posted Sep. 22, 2006. Updated Sep. 26, 2006.
  • CAST Software Inc. is looking for an outstanding 3D Graphics Software Developer to help us take our current Emmy-award winning 3D CAD/Visualization/Simulation applications to the "next level". Experience with OpenSceneGraph is not required, but definetely advantageous. If you are passionate about 3D graphics and are good at what you do we would love to hear from you! If you are interested and would like to learn more about this position please visit our web-site,, to review the job description and apply. Please note you must be living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or be willing to relocate. First posted 08 September, 2006.
  • CMLabs Simulations is seeking a C++ graphics engineer in Montreal, Canada with the ability to use and extend OpenSceneGraph to create realistic real-time simulations for heavy vehicle operator training. See for examples. Responsibilities will include writing code to display realistic, real-time visual 3D objects with lighting, shadow and particle effects, working with the OpenSceneGraph community, and assiting our clients with their graphics simulations requirements. Experience in implementing distributed rendering software architecture, communication and synchronization issues will be highly appreciated. Prefer a french and english speaker. Inquiries to hr at First posted September 07, 2006.
  • Triangle Software, LLC is hiring a 3D and video software developer and a 3D modeler in Campbell, California to help us enhance the BeatTheTraffic-3D system and 3D databases that go with it. The 3D software developer job requires 2-5 years experience in 3D programming, C++ and C# experience, good 3D mathematics skills, as well as experience in all aspects of the software development and testing process. The 3D modeler job requires 3D and 2D artistic skills, programming and scripting skills, as well as good communication skills with demanding customers. OpenSceneGraph experience is required. Superb attention to detail is required for these positions. First posted 19 August, 2006.

Older openings:

  • Renaissance Sciences Corporation has openings for Visual System/Applications Developers in Chandler, Arizona and Orlando, Florida. We are looking for candidates who are able to take a project concept and bring it to completion while working independently or in a small group. Projects span the gamut from sensor simulation, modeling physically accurate environments, to management of massive terrain databases. OpenSceneGraph will be used where applicable. U.S. Citizenship is required. Current security clearance a plus. Applicants may be subject to a security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information. First posted 9 May, 2006.
  • Mekensleep is looking for a skilled OpenSceneGraph developer to write a 3D outfit manager based on osgCal, the cal3d adapter for OpenSceneGraph. The software is to be published under the GNU GPL. Location: home work. Contact Loic Dachary. Still available 14, January 2005.
  • The Delta3D team is hiring! Delta3D is an open source (LGPL) game and simulation engine built on top of osg. Join a small team of dedicated professionals at the MOVES Institute, part of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Ca. We're looking for engine and application developers. Contact Erik Johnson. Still available 25 January, 2005.
  • Symmetron, LLC, a ManTech-Gray Hawk company located in Fairfax VA, is looking for C++ Programmers with OpenSceneGraph experience for our Kill Chain software product. First posted 11 July, 2005. Still available 30 October, 2005.
  • ITspatial, Inc., located in McLean VA, currently has openings for a Senior SW Engineer and a SW Engineer with realtime 3D graphics experience, specifically OpenSceneGraph, for our !InterSCOPE software product family. First posted 15 July, 2005.
  • SPARTA, Inc., located in Huntsville AL, has an opening for a3D Software Engineer. Under general supervision the candidate will engineer visually oriented software solutions based upon client requirements using 3D programming techniques and technologies. First posted 7 September, 2005.