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Freelance contracts

integrate blender data 3d poker

Using existing 3d blender data sources, run the OpenSceneGraph based 3D poker game available at The software itself is being published under the GNU GPL and is available at or

Permanent Positions

Job title

Prinicpal or senior software engineer (OpenGL; 2 positions)

Position reference: User module


The successful candidates will work together on a GUI and engine that will highlight malicious network traffic in real time on 1 to 100 Gbps links. This user module will be developed for Linux. It will send queries to two other modules, as well as receive, process, and display data for real-time visualization and query responses. Incoming data will be processed and presented in a GUI using OpenGL and some inputs sent to storage. Dynamic graphical drill- down processes will be implemented in both 2D and 3D. Later development will focus on improving visualization/drill-down techniques and acceleration for monitoring 100 Gbps links.


  • - US citizenship
  • - Strong experience with OpenGL in 2D and 3D, with the ability to produce industrial-grade code that implements real-time interactive displays
  • - Ability to perform continuous and multiply-threaded I/O and implement simple databases in Java and/or C++
  • - Solid diagnostic/debugging/profiling and optimization skills
  • - Solid documentation and communication skills
  • - The desire to work on unique technology at a cutting-edge startup


  • - JOGL, Java3D; other scene-graph, 2D, 3D and generic OpenGL APIs/wrappers/libraries
  • - Open source experience
  • - Gaming and/or visualization experience
  • - Experience with coding for GPU acceleration
  • - MATLAB
  • - Knowledge of internet protocols, especially at layers 3 and 4
  • - Knowledge of network security
  • - Ability to gain a security clearance

Equilibrium Networks is teaming with a global information technology company on the development of a beyond- next-generation network security and data analysis system for DoD. Our thermal traffic analysis (THETA) approach treats computer networks as abstract thermodynamical systems to enable real-time characterization, detection, and visualization for network traffic at speeds of 100 Gbps and ultimately beyond. This project will challenge and reward even the most sophisticated developers. Compensation is very competitive depending on experience. All positions will be in northern Virginia. Send a resume, salary history and a summary of scientific/technical coursework and expertise to hr@…. Please use the position reference in the subject line. EOE

  • Contact: hr@…
  • Duration: 1 year to permanent
  • First posted: 20 january 2008
  • Updated: 20 january 2008

Software Engineer 2 - Virtual Training System (Northrop Grumman)

Title: Software Engineer 2
Category: Information Systems
Location: Huntsville, AL / USA | Sector: Mission Systems

Posting ID: MS/032925

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems IPS Business Unit

Software Programmer 2

Seeking general programmer to extend and enhance game-based training platform for delivery of military interactive multimedia instruction (IMI). Candidate will work closely with artists and writers in a fast paced team environment involving cross-discipline efforts and constructive criticism. Candidate will join engineering team to continue engine feature development, integration, and scripting to increase training effectiveness and efficiency. Candidate will work within an asset and change management system (AlienBrain) under periodic milestones to deliver quality releases to multiple customers.

Minimum Requirements

  • - Passionate about 3D and gaming technology
  • - 2+ years experience using Object Oriented paradigms and working knowledge of real-time 3D visualization systems.
  • - Practical experience with commercial or open source videogame or simulation engine.
  • - Intimate knowledge of XML/XSL
  • - Fluency with C++ and object oriented methodologies.
  • - Ability to troubleshoot and debug complex software systems.
  • - Ability to contribute to multiple projects under set deadlines

Additional Assets:

  • - Preference given to applicants with experience using OpenSceneGraph/Delta?3D.
  • - Preference given to candidates who have completed one or more development cycles and who have experience in game modification.
  • - Experience with common game scripting languages (Python, LUA, UnrealScript).
  • - Familiarity with Direct3D or OpenGL.
  • - Practical experience with 1 or more of the following: physics simulation, AI, scripting, networking and multi-user application, 3d rendering.
  • - Familiarity with agile development methodologies.

Defining the future. Join the men and women of Northrop Grumman Mission Systems in meeting the largest, most complex systems challenges imaginable for government, military and business. An Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/D/V Security Clearance Required.

Responsable Developpement 3D Temps reel (Silicon Worlds FR)

Silicon Worlds recrute un Responsable du développement des applications logicielles 3D temps réels et des outils associés. De formation école d'ingénieur ou équivalent, ses responsabilités seront :

  • Maintenir et faire évoluer le moteur générique de visualisation 3D temps réel AIR2, Développer de nouvelles applications de visualisation et de simulation temps réel à partir d’AIR2,Mettre en place et superviser une équipe de développement
  • Assurer la veille technologique dans le domaine des nouvelles IHM intuitives et immersives
  • Assister les infographistes dans l’analyse de données scientifiques et dans l’utilisation de la chaîne de production d’animations 3D

Compétences requises

  • OpenSceneGraph, Visual Studio 2005, Excellent en programmation sous C++, STL, OpenGL, XML, HTML,Javascript, CVS, Linux et Windows
  • Anglais lu, parlé et écrit.

Compétences souhaitées

  • Boost, SIG (GDAL), UML, MAYA API / MAYA MEL, XUL, Actionscript et applications Flash
  • Connaissances en simulation temps réel et réalité virtuelle
  • Méthodes Agiles (XP).
  • Url:
  • Duration: permanent
  • First posted: 14 december 2007
  • Contact: Frank Bagiana ( fbagiana at silicon-worlds dot fr )

Defence Simulation Developer/Researchers (Shrivenham UK)

The Simulation and Synthetic Environment Laboratory (SSEL) of the Defence College of Management and Technology (DCMT) at the Defence Academy of the UK at Shrivenham has 2 openings in the Cranfield University team which supports, operates and uses the facility across the range of its teaching and research activities. The positions will be responsible for continuing development and enhancement of the SSEL's real-time reconfigurable networked simulator applications, which use OpenSceneGraph and OpenGL, together with a number of other Synthetic Environment visualisation tools.

Further details, including vacancy packs and application forms, may be found on the website at the link below.

David H. Pollock Consultants, Inc.

DHPC currently has a permanent software developer position available in support of ongoing projects involving modeling & simulation, design optimization, and integration of military sensor systems. The location of the position is Westwood, New Jersey. Up to 20% travel may be required.

Requirements are:

  • BS in CS, Engineering, Math, or Physics
  • Strong C++ development experience
  • MFC GUI development
  • 3D Graphics – especially with OpenScenegraph
  • Candidate must be a US Citizen and be eligible for a Secret DoD Security Clearance - which must be applied for and granted as a condition of continued employment.

see our ad on - search dhpc and select job "Software Developer A"

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems has a full-time, permanent position available in their Training Systems And Services group. Location is St. Louis, MO. Knowledge of C/C++, Microsoft operating systems, GUI programming, networking protocols, OpenGL, and OSG are required. Full details can be found at:

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