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Freelance contracts

VR webGIS development with OSG

The National Council of Researches, Institute of Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage (CNR ITABC), based in Rome, Italy, is seeking for one expert who will be employed in the following activities: Development of new functionalities for an Open Source rendering web engine, dedicated to archaeological terrains and models (VR webGIS). The job regards: development of new navigation-exploration functionalities to the existing visualization engine, based on OpenSceneGraph library, development of management and creation functionalities of the scene integration, management and maintenance of web infrastructures. The applicant will also participate in Virtual Heritage research activities.

Permanent Positions

Lead Software Architect for Immersive Applications and Tools, Los Gatos, CA

Digital ArtForms? is seeking a lead software architect to spearhead its next generation of highly-interactive and exclusively-immersive software products. We have built a development environment for the rapid creation of state-of-the-art applications and are now deploying several applications based on these libraries while extending their foundation. The first project this developer will work on is a fully immersive 3D medical tele-consultation system called iMedic. iMedic distributes common medical data in 3D over the Internet so that geographically-separated medical experts can collaboratively diagnose medical conditions and plan medical procedures. A key focus will be the addition to iMedic of 3D Whiteboarding (drawing on tissue and in space with virtual drawing instruments) for purposes of surgical planning. Digital ArtForms? is growing on several fronts -- professional, consumer, and governmental -- and needs a highly creative technical individual to organize and execute several concurrent and related projects.

Minimum requirements:

  • 7+ years development experience in C++
  • 5+ years development experience with OpenSceneGraph or other realtime scene graph (e.g. Performer, Vega, …)
  • 5+ years development experience with OpenGL or other low-level graphics API.
  • 2+ years experience with Microsoft Visual Studio and developing Windows applications.
  • 7+ years immersive tools or application development experience

Additional desirable experience:

  • 6DOF tracked application development (e.g. Polhemus, Ascension, …)
  • All issues surrounding the driving of large-scale projection displays (CAVEs, Powerwalls) both monoscopic and stereoscopic (active and passive). This includes familiarity with graphic card capabilities with respect to those displays. Familiarity with headmounted displays.
  • Network communication software development experience.
  • Shader language experience (GLSL)
  • Volume rendering software development experience. * Network communication software development experience.
  • Medical software development experience. Familiarity with commercial or Open Source medical visualization, segmentation, and registration libraries (e.g. VTK/ITK, Amira).
  • CAD programming experience. Familiarity with commercial CAD engine libraries such as Spatial Corp’s ACIS.
  • Terrain visualization software development experience.
  • Familiarity with modeling packages (e.g. Maya, 3D Studio Max, MultiGen? Creator) and formats.

Preferred skills/experience:

  • Engineering management experience
  • Good verbal and writing skills


  • Lead planning, design, and development role for applications, published APIs, in-house tools, and demonstrations.
  • Manage multiple related software projects.
  • Set standard for code style and implementation.
  • Provide technical and conceptual assistance in proposal development.


Contact: paul@…

Duration: permanent

First posted: 2 March 2009

Graphics Engineer, Bracknell, UK

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms (formerly Octec) , a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), are world leaders in the design and manufacture of rugged, real-time video tracking and image processing subsystems.

There is a vacancy for a Graphics Engineer to work within a team of software engineers in the ongoing development of an image generation capability for use with embedded training systems.

The role requires someone who has experience of designing, programming and delivering real time graphics applications, ideally for use as part of military or commercial training systems. A sound understanding of the software development cycle with experience of writing specifications and acceptance test procedures would be advantageous.


  • Preparation of product, software and algorithm design specifications
  • Support customer contact from initial enquiries through to project acceptance
  • Participate in software development
  • Coordinate development in conjunction with other technical disciplines
  • Some international travel may be required


  • Possess a degree in a relevant engineering discipline
  • Have experience with real time graphics programming languages and/or API’s, such as OpenGL, Performer, OpenSceneGraph
  • Experience with OOD programming, ideally in C/C++ on Linux and/or Windows, ideally on embedded hardware systems
  • Experience with programming commercially available GPU’s, ideally NVidia
  • Experience of commercial real time image generation systems would be an advantage
  • Experience of 3D Modelling and/or terrain generation tools such as 3D Studio, MPI Creator & CTS and Terrex tools would be an advantage


Contact: andy.preece@…

First posted: 7 May 2008

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