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Software Engineer - FT. Worth, Texas, US.


  • Url:
  • Contact: Martha Couch <mcouch@…>
  • Duration: Full-time
  • First posted: 26th October 2009

Desired qualification/experience:

  • Bachelor Degree or high or equivalent technical expertise through self-study
  • 4 plus years of related job experience
  • Fluent in C++ and OOD programming on Linux and/or Windows
  • Experience with all phases of software development, testing and delivery
  • Experience with real-time graphics APIs such as OpenGL, Performer or OpenSceneGraph
  • Experience developing real-time or time-critical applications. Familiar
  • with open source software development tools and processes
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience with military or commercial Simulators used for training is a plus
  • Experience with 3D modeling and terrain generation tolls such as 3D Studio, MPI Creator and Terrex (Presagis TVP) is a plus Cross-platform development experience is a plus Some experience with embedded RDBMS is a plus
  • Experience with customer support is a plus

Software Engineer with 3D Graphics

SimQuest is looking for an experienced Software Engineer with strong 3D Graphics Experience. This person will be responsible for extending SimQuest’s Surface Wound Mapping™ Software Suite to enable detailed recording and display of facial injuries, including 3D editing of graphical representations of internal injuries. We are looking for a self-motivated and creative individual with a minimum of three years’ experience developing C++ code.

Required Experience

  • Strong C++ Development Experience
  • 3D Graphics Experience
  • OpenSceneGraph Experience
  • Database Development Experience (SQL, MySQL or Oracle)
  • Experience designing and developing graphics algorithms

Desired Experience

  • GUI Authoring (Qt preferred)
  • Visual Studio (Windows) development

Bonus Experience

  • Medical Applications
  • Medical Data Formats

The position will ideally be located in our Silver Spring (DC) offices, although telecommuting is a possibility for extraordinarily qualified candidates. We offer excellent compensation and benefits. Please send resume to the address below and mention that you saw it on the OpenSceneGraph job board.

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