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Language Wrappers


osgDotNet - C#/.NET wrappers for OpenSceneGraph

osgDotNet supports OpenSceneGraph 2.0 including all core libraries. Extension of wrapper classes via subclassing in C# is also supported. osgDotNet is a static binding of the OpenSceneGraph API that is generated using osgIntrospection. The generator application is licensed under the GNU GPL; the wrappers themselves are licensed at the user's discretion.


JavaOSG - Java wrappers for the OpenSceneGraph (License : GNU LGPL)

Bindings for the current release (1.00) of all core osg libraries and Producer. Virtually all the classes and methods are accessible, and allows sub-classing of Referenced classes in Java. Includes examples using Producer's native windowing and also embedding the GL context in a Java JFrame.


pyOSG - Python wrappers for the OpenSceneGraph (License : GNU LGPL)


A tiny Tcl wrapper based on osgIntrospection. Download: osg osgTcl.tar.gz NB under WinXP (at least) this link downloads as osgTcl.tar.tar which errors when winzip tries to open it. Save the download file to disk, rename to osgTcl.tar.gz and winzip will open it. NB 10.03.07 the code refers to node.take - this method is equivalent to node.release. I have managed to load a model and created a SceneView object then rendering a simple scene in a Tcl3d window is easy (geoffm). Any chance of a Producer or better tk window widget?


Experimental prototypes of wrapping with Lua are being developed under the osgToy project. (The experiment is at its barest beginnings; I just wanted to mention here as notice of activity on this front)


A full-featured and complete Lua wrapper based on osgIntrospection. osgLua checks in run-time osgIntrospection to instance any reflected class. SVN-Repository


CamlOSG - Objective Caml wrappers for the OpenSceneGraph (License : GNU LGPL)

Bindings are done by hand (without using of osgIntrospection) and are fairly incomplete. But it is simple to add the necessary binding. Just look at the sources for example.