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Robert Osfield

Community forums/mailing lists:

OpenSceneGraph forum maintainers: Art Tevs

OpenSceneGraph mailing list maintainer: Robert Osfield

Developers with commit access:

svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/trunk : Robert Osfield
svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/trunk/include/osgAnimation, src/osgAnimation : Cedric Pinson
svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/trunk/src/osgPlugins/fbx : Michael Platings (but currently unable to successfully commit for unresolved reason.)

svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/branches : Robert Osfield, Paul Martz

svn/VirtualPlanetBuilder/trunk : Robert Osfield

svn/osgEphemeris/trunk : Robert Osfield

Server administration: website and server : Jose Luis Hidalgo : Jose Luis Hidalgo