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osgCharacter is People/NeilSouth's character animation Plugin, includes a maya exporter (tested on windows only, please test cross platform and let me know !) (License : OSGPL)


The hardware skinning is done now and is below, let me know how you get on with it (hopfully will fix the 0.6fps probelm on linux !!)

  • Download combined NodeKit (24/05/06) -- updated to use the new uniform array code in the core osg (need the new version of the core libs - 19 May or later) Now fixed to do HWskinning 220506 version did just software skinning !

  • Download the latest combined Nodekit (09/03/06) -- with the first implementation of hardWare skinning (includeds a temp uniform.cpp and header to replace the ones in the src/osg folder, this is just untill uniform array support is added to the core) its limited to 55 joints infulencing a skin (might be less on some hardware) Please test on other platforms and let me know.
  • Download new combined Nodekit (14/02/06) --combined nodekit, changed the skin.cpp file to be upper case, Skin.cpp (for consistency). Also got animations running. Added a scheduleAction to the osgCharacter example and built the IO stuff into the main osgCharacter library rather than their own (did this because it wasnt being loaded properly it seems). Works with simple.osg but newDino.osg seems to cause it to run at about 0.6fps... Also, the animation itself seems to be frame rate dependant and will move at different speeds depending on the framerate.

Now with Makefiles and some edits (removed some CStrings, and modified a lot of Class::Enum::VALUE statements to just Class::VALUE after gcc complained). Maya exporter has not been ported. Type make;make install to make it. Example doesnt seem to load the newDino.osg file however. Submitted by People/DylanSale. Seem to load the model when you force loading the osgdb_ *.so library of osgCharacter, with -l option of osviewer.

  • Here some images from my own project.

And in wireFrame.