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osgAnimation osgAnimation is the a new effort to put generic animation is OpenSceneGraph. It is currently in 'beta' and in developpement phase but can do a various things yet. The way osgAnimation is made is to let the user the flexibility to change the behaviour of predefined class.

The developpment branch are located: hg clone or svn co

short description of class:

  • Sampler is the 'low level' type (use to interpolate between keyframe with an function that define how to interpolate between them)
  • Channel is the association of a Sampler and a Target (it's the result of the sampler poll)
  • Animation is a container of Channels . Often you will have position,rotation and scale, but you can have what you want like color, animation of a stateAttribute. You can add what you want.
  • Bone is a new transform type to manage skeleton animation
  • Skeleton is the root of a tree that contains Bone

Features supported:

  • skeleton animation with rigged mesh [software implementation]
  • solid animation
  • it can link an animation channel of any type to another object, or state attribute. (eg: linking the x animation of an object to the alpha of a color.)
  • blender exporter
  • timeline scheduler

Feature to implemented yet:

  • hardware skinning

not finished continue this afternoon