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  • osgProducer- Integrates OpenSceneGraph with Producer (License : OSGPL)
  • osgOQ- Adds OpenGL occlusion query support to OSG (License : OSGPL)
  • osgCharacter- Neil South's character animation Plugin, includes a maya exporter, (License : OSGPL)
  • Michael Gronager's [ osgVTK] which integrates VTK and the OSG (License : unknown).
  • osgVR - Michael Gronager's OSG nodekit for viewer independent setup of VR systems and applications (License : OSGPL)
  • osgNV (discontinued) - Marco Jez's library which adds support the latest NVidia extensions and Cg high level shader language (License : GNU LGPL).
  • OpenSceneGraph Audio Library, (osgAL), integrates OpenAL and OSG.
  • OpenSceneGraph HapticLibrary, (osgHaptics), incorporates force/sence rendering into OpenSceneGraph . osgHaptics depends on OpenHaptics from Sensable Inc. Sensable.
  • osgVRPN - Mike Weiblen's set of classes to integrate OpenSceneGraph with the Virtual Reality Peripheral Network (License : OSGPL).
  • VRlab's ReplicantBody character animation library based on Cal3D and the OSG (License : GNU LGPL).
  • AR scene graph, Extension of OpenSceneGraph to support Augmented Reality.
  • osgCal which integrates Cal3D and the OSG. There are two active branches now, the original LGPL one by Ruben Lopez, and another released under the GPL and derived from the 2003 LGPL code.
  • Mike Weiblen's osgToy, a random collection of fun and useful tools, such as fractal generators, normal visualizers, normal generators, and more. (License : OSGPL)
  • Changzhi Li's [ osgShadow] nodekit which adds stencil shadow volume rendering (License : proprietary although the intent was probably to publish it under the GNU GPL or GNU LGPL but the distribution does not contain any mention of the licensing terms which makes it proprietary).
  • Vladimir Vukicevic's osgChunkLOD implemention (License : OSGPL).
  • Ulrich Hertlein's OSG page on Spike solutions, Video textures, Particles systems and more (Licenses : OutlineFX is OSGPL, videotex-0.1.2 and particle-0.2.1 are GNU LGPL).
  • osgchips, 3D representation of casino chips (License: GNU GPL)
  • [ osgGL2] - Mike Weiblen's original KnowledgeBase?/OpenGL Shading Language node kit. Since support for KnowledgeBase?/OpenGL Shading Language has moved into the OSG core, osgGL2 is obsolete.
  • osgEphemeris - An Ephemeris Model for OSG.
  • osgTDS - Terrain Deformation Software for OSG.
  • Parallel-Split Shadow Maps : I started with the OpenSceneGraph integration, i would be very pleased if the community would support me. more information about PSSM, have a look at GameDev, to get involed please contact Adrian Egli [3dhelp (@)]
  • Leandro Motta Barros's OSGUIsh. OSGUIsh allows a programer to register callbacks that are called when GUI-like events happen on scene graph nodes. So, you can have some code executed whenever the user clicks a certain node, or moves the mouse over it, or turns the mouse wheel, or... (License: OSGPL)
  • Toshiyuki Takahei's osgField provides universal way to implement and serialize animations based on osgIntrospection (License : GNU LGPL).
  • osgGauge - A 2D gauge and instrument panel rendering library, courtesy Delta3D.