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OSGExp 0.9.4pre1 (28-Nov-2006)

  • Added support for osgSim::DOFTransform
  • Added OSG Group helper objects
  • Added the posibility to turn on or off objects when using the OSG Switch helper. (Only the first 8).
  • Added the ability to hierarchically nest OSG nodes within one another.
  • OSGExp compiles with the 3ds max 9 sdk.
  • The SDK is now located using the MAXSDK environment variable.
  • Installer detects Max9

OSGExp 0.9.3 (2-Okt-2006)

  • OSGExp now compiles for OSG 1.2
  • Joakim Simonsson: It is possible to select all kind of nodes for LODHelpers

OSGExp 0.9.3pre4 (4-Apr-2006)

  • Static Linked version
  • Made changes so that it compiles with the latest version of OpenSceneGraph

OSGExp 0.9.3pre3 (20-Feb-2006)

  • Added (untested) support for Architectural materials.

OSGExp 0.9.3pre2 (23-Jan-2006)

  • Added installation support for Max 8
  • Bug fix: Fixed exporting of the StateSet? Helper. Exporting settings like polygon offset now works correctly. Problem was that statesets where shared.

OSGExp0.9.3pre1 (26-Okt-2005)

  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug in the normal generation for billboards.
  • Bug fix: Now the reader writer options are reset. So when you turn 'include images' in ive on again, it will work.
  • Bug fix: In stead of setting self illumination to white, the diffuse color is copied to the emissive color. This way also none diffuse baked textures will work.
  • Bug fix: It doesn't crash anymore on exporting multi-materials and the Self-Illumination is handeled right.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a texture repeating bug. Negative texture coordinates would not result in texture repeating unless values became smaller then -1.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that messed up the texture coordinates. Also changed the vertex color generation in the same way.
  • Bug fix: Fixed filename output in errormessage.
  • Created a new installer for Max6 and Max7 using NSIS (
  • Added Use Alpha Blending option to the OSG StateSet? helper object.
  • Added support for PolygonOffset?.
  • Added support for PolygonMode?.
  • Added support for Point helpers.
  • Added support for Dummy helpers. A dummy helper will be exported as an empty group.
  • Added Self Illumination map export. Can be used for applying light maps (multi texture) using Render to Texture from Max.
  • Automaticly turn two sided lighting on for two sided materials.
  • When saving as ive and a texture compression is selected, the images will be saved compressed in the ive file. Behaviour taken from osgconv.
  • Made the following features optional (using the export dialog):
    • The exporting of opacity maps
    • The exporting of unknown maps
    • The automaticy setting the alpha blending for materials where the texture map has an alpha channel.
    • The automaticly turing on two sided lighting if the material is two sided.
    • The exporting of the self illumination map
    • The exporting of point helpers
  • Modified stateset helper to a super stateset helper. Idea based on the OSGExp of Emmanuel Roche. It modifies the stateset helper by adding a number of rollups:
  • Improved animation support from Emmanuel Roche including dummy animation and group animation.
  • When using the setDiffuseToWhite color not only the diffuse component is set to white, but also the ambient component is converted to gray.
  • Only set the emissive color when it is turned on. Otherwize set it to black.
  • Modified the project files so that Hybrid is now called Debug and that the debug version now outputs OSGExpd and OSGHelperd files.
  • Modified the project files so that when the project is put in the same directory as OpenScenegraph?, Producer and OpenThreads?, the include files and library files are automaticly located. So no need to put these in the global VisualStudio? settings. The only paths that need to be put in the visual studio include and lib paths are those for the maxsdk.

OSGExp0.9.2b (5-Dec-2003)

  • Support for the new osgUtil::Optimizer including Tri Strip Geometry, Merge Geometry, Flatten Static Transforms, Share Duplicate State, and Spatialize Groups.
  • Every node is optimized to use STATIC datavariance instead of OSG's default DYNAMIC.
  • Small bug fixes.

OSGExp0.9.2a (22-Nov-2003)

  • Support for PagedLOD - just check the PagedLOD box in the LOD helper object and OSGExp does the rest ;-)
  • Better support for Opacity maps, it is now possible to specify the blend amount.
  • Better support for standard and default NodeMasks?, introducing Terrain, Collision, No Collision and Custom NodeMasks?.
  • OSGExp now comes with a simpel preview function directly from within 3ds max.

OSGExp0.9.2 (6-Okt-2003)

  • OSGExp version 0.9.2 is released as Open Source

OSGExp(Summer 2003)

  • OSGExp goes beta - thanks to all the beta testers!

OSGExp (Spring 2003)

  • OSGExp is used for real time architechtual visualization of the new head quarter of the Danish Broadcast Cooperation in Örestaden.