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Nodemaks can be seen as classification-tags in OpenSceneGraph. Every Node in a file has a Nodemask. Usually this is the default mask, specified in the OSG Exporter-options dialog, but special ones can be used as well, using the Nodemask Helper.

Possible uses:

  • You can use the Helper to specifically designate parts of your scene as blocked, using a Collision Mask
  • Or explicitly let an object be walked through (using a no-collision mask).

To create a Nodemask Helper in 3d Studio Max

  • Create some geometry;
  • Add an OSG Nodemask Helper object to your scene;
  • Using the 'Add' of 'Add multiple'-butons add the geometry to the Helper;
  • Specify the type of Mask you want to assign;
  • Export using the OSG Exporter.

The options for the NodeMask? Helper

Other options

# NodeMask? Value: This allows you to specify the type of Nodemask.

  • * Terrain: makes this geometry part of the terrain (it can be walked upon);
  • * Collision: make the object impenetrable;
  • * No Collission: makes the object penetrable;
  • * Custom mask: allows you to create special categories. Only usable if your viewer support this functionality;

# NodeMask? Geometry: Add of remove pieces of geometry from this Nodemask Helper.

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