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The StateSet Helper allows you to further optimise the way your scene is rendered. It gives you control over the order in which different objects are rendered, usign so-called Renderbins. The 'bins' with lower numbers will be rendered before the ones with a higher number. To placing objects in Renderbin 1 ensures they are rendered first.

Possible uses

  • Optimisation;

Creating a StateSet Helper in Max

  • Create some geometry;
  • Add a StateSet Helper-object to the scene;
  • On the modify panel use 'Apply State Set on:' to add the geometry to the StateSet;
  • Enter the Renderbin number and name

Other options

  • Render Bin Details: These allow you to set the name and number (order) of the Renderbin this StateSet? uses. (Add explantion about the mode here)
  • GL Mode: You can use these to exclude the StateSet? from certain rendering calculations.
    • Cull Face: cull (discard) polygons based on there winding number;
    • Normalize: scale normal (orientation) vectors to unit length;
    • Turn of Lighting: Do not use lighting parameters to compute vertex color
  • Apply StateSet? On: Use this to add the objects to the StateSet?.

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