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An Open Source Exporter from 3ds max to OpenSceneGraph


  • 27-4-2007: From now on the project is hosted on sourceforge:
  • 29-11-2006: Released OSGExp 0.9.4 prerelease 1 with support for Max 9. OSGExp 0.9.3 is still the official stable release.
  • 2-10-2006: Released OSGExp 0.9.3. This is my first official release of the exporter.
  • 4-4-2006: Released OSGExp 0.9.3 prerelease 4. This release uses the static build process. This means that the plugin now only consists of 2 files. It won't conflict with other installed versions of OpenSceneGraph. Download? it or check out the Changes.


OSGExp is an open source exporter from 3ds max to the OpenSceneGraph. It has support for Geometry, Material, Texture, Multitexture, Proceduraltexture, Environmentmaps, Cameras, Animations and has helpers for OSG style Level Of Detail, Billboards, Switches, Impostors, Occluders, Nodemasks and much more.


The work was started by Rune Schmidt Jensen when he worked at UNI-C in 2002. He made it Open Source on October 6th 2003. At the moment Rune is not working at UNI-C anymore, and not even with 3D graphics. The project almost came to a halt with Rune giving a some support now and then. In September 2005 [People/JoranJessurun Joran Jessurun] has taken over the development / support.

The old website of OSGExp can be found here: