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OpenGL ES Support

Note from Robert Osfield, October 5th 2009:

I have been commissioned to port the OpenSceneGraph to OpenGL ES 2.0. This work commenced on the 5th October 2009, and is expected see results merged into a branch of the OpenScenGraph subversion repository in October, with the intention of merging the changes into OpenScenGraph svn/trunk as soon as elements of the code base are suitable for being maintained alongside the rest of the OpenGL code base. OpenGL ES 1.1 support and OpenGL 3.x support is not directly part of the project, but my plan is the re-factor the OpenScenGraph build system and code base to enable relatively straight forward management of multiple OpenGL x.x and OpenGL ES x.x versions, and would welcome collaboration on support of these additional APIs as well as my core task of OpenGL ES 2.0 support.

I will use this page to list development plans, details of the OpenGL ES branch and how to build against it for your intended target API. Right now I'm assembling the various bits of hardware, tools, and API's that I'll need for the task, and will soon move on to design and doing test ports to scope out what will be the best route forward in terms of design and implementation. So watch this space, and also keep track of discussions on this topic on the osg-users list/forum.

An older note (from Spring 2008) about a project, out in the community, to port that has yet to emerge from the shadows

At this moment our (Oliver Charles & Andreas Kremser) current Project is to port the OpenSceneGraph to a target system running on QNX Neutrino with OpenGL-ES 1.0 and the "FrameBufferObject" - Extension. Thus, many of the newer OpenGL functions have to be reimplemented with the ones supported by OpenGL-ES.

At this time we are students absolving our internship at a Navigation Systems Company in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). This is an Evaluation Project, but if successful it could become of higher importance for the OpenSceneGraph Community :) We actually just started the Project. Our Internship will end in March 2008 but this project will be continued.

Regards Oliver Charles / Andreas Kremser